Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Just Because You Can (2)

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Always Mean You Should

I have spent the last few years running a business that supports people getting set up online.  I really enjoyed doing it and had some success, but I didn’t love it.  I had originally started an online business to promote my life coaching and somehow ended up showing people how to get set up online.

Have you inadvertently followed a path that you didn’t consciously choose and now you are wondering how you ended up there?  It’s a great place to be if you love it, but if you feel like it isn’t exactly what you should be doing then it might be time to reevaluate.

It is also important to listen to yourself and not all the others around you.  Everyone thought I should stay doing what I was doing because I was having success at it and making money.  I kept stopping and starting, which was adversely impacting my business even more.

I finally said enough was enough and that I was going to pursue what I am really passionate about – helping people create a life they love.

Am I scared?  A little petrified actually.  It is easier with teaching and training to hide behind the content.  With coaching we are bare for all to see.

Spend a couple of minutes reflecting on if you are doing what you love to do or if you have somehow, accidentally almost, ended up doing something that you like, but maybe not love.

Remember – just because you can do it, does necessarily mean you should.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Write a Welcome Email

How to Write a Welcome Email

As part of the Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables blog tour I had the opportunity to interview some great people on topics related to building a list.

Today, in case you missed it, I am sharing a short interview I had with Kate Barrett from Shine a Light Media.  She is an email marketing expert and, as you will see in the video, she is very passionate about email marketing.  We talked about, in particular, the first email people receive when they sign up for your list – the welcome email.  This is probably the most important email you ever send.


Here are a few things you want to make sure are included in your welcome email:
  • Welcome them and thank them for signing up for whatever it was they signed up for.
  • Remind them what they signed up for and why it is great that they did.
  • Tell them how to access the information they requested.
  • Give them your email address so they know where to go if they have any questions.
  • Let them know what is going to happen next – are they going to receive a weekly email or a monthly newsletter?

If you would like to learn more about building your list be sure to check out our kindle latest book: Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables.

What are you including in your welcome email?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

7 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

7 Ways to Generate Blog

7 Ways to Generate Content Ideas                

Ever found yourself stuck for blog post ideas? It is something all bloggers experience at some point.

Here are 7 ideas that will get you out of trouble:

1. Share your Favourites: Share your favourite book, website, podcast or movie that would be relevant and valuable to your readers.

2. Social Media: Social media is a great place to find content ideas.  Have a look at accounts of other people in your niche and see what is being talked about.  You can also ask if anyone on your page has any questions they would like answered.

3. Share Worksheets and Checklists: Everyone loves a checklist.  There is scientific evidence that you release some feel good hormones when you tick off something on a to-do list or checklist.

4. Teach Something:  People always want to learn something new.  What is something new and relevant that you could educate them about.

5. Interview Someone: Interview someone interesting in your niche. You could interview them on audio or host a written interview.  You send the guest some questions by email – they respond – and then you post the questions and their reponses to your blog. Easy Peasy!

6. Share a Video: With literally millions of videos on YouTube, you would surely be about to find something of value to share with your readers.

7. Invite a Guest Blogger: Invite someone to write a blog that is relevant for your niche.

I would love to hear how you generate ideas.  Leave your tips in the comments below.

What is an Offer Funnel?

What is an offer funnel

What is an Offer Funnel?

Basically an offer funnel is all of your offerings. It includes what you offer for free and what people pay for.  It is also referred to as a sales funnel.

Every business needs a funnel in place, as it supports the marketing process. If you have it visually represented you can see, at a glance, the steps clients can take to move through your business – from your free offer to your higher cost products, programs or services. You can see from the image above some of the levels you could include.

Let's have a look at a few items you might have at each level:

Freely Given:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Free with Opt In:

  • Reports
  • Ecourses
  • Tutorials

Low Cost Products/Programs and Services:

  • Group Coaching
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars

Mid Cost Products/Programs and Services:

  • Home study porgrams
  • One to one coaching
  • Short term coaching programs

High Cost Products/Programs and Services:

  • Long term coaching programs
  • One to one coaching

In this video I go into more detail about how an offer funnel works, what could be at each level and how to set one up for individual products that you offer.

If you are wondering why it is in a funnel shape, it is because there are going to be a lot more people that access your freely given material than those that opt in, and even less people that go on to buy your low, mid and high cost products. 

Do you have a offer funnel set up for your business? Leave your comments below.



Revoking 3rd Party Apps Access to Twitter

Revoking 3rd Party Apps Access to Twitter

Revoking 3rd Party Apps Access to Twitter 

Every time you log into a website with your Twitter username you allow that site to access, not only your Twitter account, but also some of the information you hold there.

If there is an option I will always log in using Twitter over Facebook as Facebook holds so much more information about us.

I happily use Twitter as a log in option, but just know that it does leave your account slightly vulnerable.  If anything happens to the site – it gets hacked for instance – that does leave you open to someone being able to access your account through there.

I have never had any trouble with that but just wanted to let you know. 

It is partly why I go in and revoke access every now and then to all the places that I had authorised my Twitter account as a log in or access option.

It is really quick and easy to revoke access.  I take you through it in a couple of minutes on this video.

Zip on over to Twitter and unhook all those sites you never use anymore.

Ideas for Using Hangouts in Your Business

Ideas for Using Hangouts in Your Business 

In a previous post we looked at the benefits of using hangouts in your business. In this video we look at different ideas for how to use hangouts in your business. The options are only limited to your imagination.  I really invite you to check out hangouts – they are free to use, there isn't a huge learning curve, they can be really fun if you get a few other people in to do something with you and they are great for business.

A few ideas for using hangouts are:

  • Consultations
  • Team meetings
  • Small courses
  • Product reviews
  • Product demonstrations
  • Tips and how tos

I would love to hear any other ideas you have for using hangouts in your business. Leave them in the comments below.

The Benefits of Using Hangouts in your Business

The Benefits of Using Hangouts in Your Business

The Benefits of Using Hangouts in your Business 

Hangouts are another amazing tool for your business.  There are two different types of hangouts. If you aren't familiar with them I explain in a previous blog the difference between Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.

In this video we continue the discussion with some of the benefits of using hangouts in our business?

A few of the benefits include:

  • Video builds rapport and affinity with your audience
  • Increases your visibility
  • Increases the know, like and trust factor
  • Video (especially hangouts) are easier to rank on Google.

You will want to watch the video to discover the rest.

Can you think of other benefits? I would love to hear about them in the comments.