Unleashing the Blogging Beast

I know, you know, and we all know, that blogging is one of the non-negotiables to building an online business. Everyone says it, I even say it, blog consistently and amazing things will happen.  

I have been blogging for a while now and the biggest thing that lets me down is my consistency. I have little spurts of time when I blog consistently and then a week or a month can go by without a peep out of me. 

I knew I needed to up my game around blogging, so I jumped into Ray Higdon's Blogging Association.

Unleash the blogging beast

This is when Ray visited the UK.

I have been following Ray for a while now – I even have a program or two of his. I orginally started following him as I wanted to improve my skills inside my network marketing company, and that is what he specialises in.  

He attributes a lot of his success to his years of blogging. He runs a highly successful coaching/training business as well as being a top earner in his Network Marketing company.

Well, he gave me a virtual boot up the backside in one of the first videos I watched inside the Association

He said there are 3 important factors that contribute to success.  The first one being consistency – ouch!  The second being performance – ouch again!! To be honest I can't remember the 3rd as I was stinging over the first two. What I took, from what he said about performance, was about producing results in the area you specialise in.  While I don't specialise in blogging I do talk about it as a key component of your online success. And funnily enough, I am actually taking my latest book on a blog tour right now.

Do what successful people do and you can have what successful people have.  I can't remember who said that but it is great advice – that I am going to follow.

Ray says you should be blogging pretty much every day and then sending that blog out to the people on your list – and of course sharing it out on social media as well.

So, I am about the unleash the blogging beast. I almost feel like I should have a theme song playing here.

As much as it actually freaks me out – I am going to take Ray's advice and blog 5-7 times a week.  

I am going to track all of my results so I can see the difference that blogging makes on my business.  

If you fancy joining us in the Blogging Association send Ray an email and let him know you want in. Ray@RayHigdon.com

What do you think the third thing that Ray says impacts our success? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.