Mistakes People are Making on Twitter

3 Mistakes People Make on Twitter

There a quite a few mistakes I see people accidentally making on Twitter.  Here are 3 of them:

Not Thanking People

People appreciate being thanked for sharing your content. I know for myself if I have shared someone’s content a lot, not just once, and I have not heard anything from them I am less likely to keep promoting them.
Most people do not share for the thanks but will still stop if they are not feeling appreciated.
To find who has been sharing your content click on the @Connect tab along the Twitter toolbar.  In there you will be able to see who has retweeted you, favourited your posts or mentioned you in any way.
It is easy to respond to people if they have mentioned you in a tweet, simply hover of the tweet and a reply option will become available. Click on that, type in what you want to say and then hit Tweet.
It takes a few more steps to thank people for retweeting.  To do this, click on their username, go to their profile, write the tweet in there and then tweet out. 

No Bio/Image

Twitter, all social media really, is about building relationships.  People want to know who they are interacting with.  If you don’t have anything in your bio or, even worse, still have the egghead default image Twitter gives you when you first sign up, you will struggle to build a community.
Ideally you want to have a picture of yourself.  If you are a big company you may want to have a company logo, but if you can have an image of yourself more people will interact with you.  We like talking to people, not logos.
It is also really important to have a link to somewhere else in the bio.  If I find someone on twitter and want to find out more about them and there isn’t a link, there is nowhere else for me to go to further interact with that person and the opportunity has been lost.

Buying Followers

Buying followers can really harm what you are trying to achieve on Twitter – building relationships.  You want to build a community of people interested in what you are sharing and who want to interact with you.  When you buy followers these people won’t be interested in interacting with you, lots of the followers you get will be fake accounts, a lot of them probably won’t speak English and many of them will still have the egghead profile image and no bio.
It's not about the number of followers you have, it's about the quality!tweetbutton
You might also think that it is alright to do that just to get the numbers up – no one will know, right? Wrong! I can look up anyone’s Twitter account and see how many fake users they have following them and get quite a bit of other information about their Twitter account.
Don’t waste your time being on one of the social media platforms if you are going to buy your followers.  If you have already made this mistake, and a lot of people have, you can get rid of them with services such as Manage Flitter, where you can force people to unfollow you.
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What other mistakes do you see people making on Twitter?  Leave them in the comments below.