How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website

How to add a Pinterest Widget

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website

Are you using Pinterest? I love Pinterest, but it is a dangerous place to be.  I think it is even more dangerous than Facebook.  I just popped back over there for a minute to look at something and off I go down a trail of amazing holiday destinations or off on a food frenzy.

I always say that if you aren’t already on a platform don’t jump on board just for the sake of it.  Pinterest is a great place but it is also another thing to manage in your business.  If you are on there though, it would be great to connect. You can also, of course, connect with me through the widget in my sidebar.

In this video I show you how to add a Pinterest Widget to the sidebar of your site.  We look at creating a widget for your entire account or for just one board.

If you are on Pinterest leave your link below.  I would love to pop over and visit you!


8 responses to “How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website”

  1. I was unaware that you could do that straight from pinterest…. awesome how to's Stacey…. Thanks for sharing these great posts… You Rock!!

    1. I know – it is exciting all the amazing things you can do.  IIt is my pleasure and you aren’t so bad yourself!

  2. Such a simple easy to follow post. I love the video. Keep up the great content.

    1. Thanks Phillip! As you can see I love how-to videos.

  3. Nice, and straight to the point. Although I don't use Pinterest for my business, I love to surf on it for inspiration. . such an amazing platform, and yes, I totally agree it's so addictive. Great Post Stacey!

    1. Thanks Adeposi!  You can get lost over there for hours and hours. One lovely pin leads to another.

  4. Great informative post Stacey, I had no clue you could that with Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Dereco! There are so many great things out there we can do.  It is hard sometimes to keep up with all the new things.

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