Are You Missing Out on the Power of Facebook Lists?

Are You Missing Out on the Power of Facebook Lists?

The list functionality in both Facebook and Twitter, I think, is being extremely underused.

Lists are a way to organise your friends so you can filter both whose posts you see in the Newsfeed and also who sees yours.  Facebook automatically gives you some lists to use and then you can create your own.

One of the lists you are given is 'Close Friends'.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Lists

When people are in this list you get notified every time they post.  It is a great way to keep up to date with what your family and friends are doing.  If you do not want to receive the extra notifications they can be turned off here.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Lists

Another way to use this list is to follow people of interest.  Be that clients or people of influence that you would like to keep track of what they are doing.

I personally have my mentors and other people that I would like to learn from or emulate their social media strategy in my close friends list.  This way whenever they post anything I receive a notification of it.

Also, when you click on the close friends list, or any other for that matter, you only see in your newsfeed the posts from the people you have added to that list. 

You could add in here authors that you would like to watch and see how they are interacting with their readers.  The best way to learn is by studying those that are doing it well, and I use the close friends list as a tool to do just that.

The opposite end of that is the 'Restricted' list.  People you put on this list will only see updates you make public.  You can make any modifications to those settings here.

Are you missing out on the power of facebook lists

Ok, so now you know the types of people you can add to your list but how do you add them and how do you create a list.  

Creating a new list

Click on the lists on the left hand side of the screen when you are on your home page.

Are you missing out on the power of facebook lists

Once that opens you will see all the lists you have available to you.  To create a new list click on the 'Create List' button at the top of the page and follow the instructions to name a new list.  You will then be given the opportunity to add people to your list.

Are you missing out on the power of facebook lists


When you press 'Add Friend' to send someone a friend request you have a choice as to which list you to put them in.  You do not need to add them to a list, but the option is there if you want to use it.

Are you missing out on the power of facebook lists

The last way to add people to a list is within the list itself.  On the right hand side Facebook offers suggestions based on people you have already added to the list, or you can type in the 'Add friends to this list' box and a drop down menu will appear and you can click on the people there.

Are you missing out on the power of facebook lists

I have created a video that walks you creating and using lists.

If you have any questions you can ask them on my Facebook wall.

Would love to hear how you are using lists.  
Leave your comments below!!


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  1. AWESOME! Thanks for this info! I definitely need to spend some time to do this! Would also LOVE to see this in a video being done!! Thanks again for sharing your FB wisdom!

    xo, Tina

  2. Thanks Stacey,

    I know this is something I need to go back and fix retroactively but is seems a daunting task since I have not used lists in the past. Do you have any hints for how to do this quickly? (Google+ makes it so easy to create lists with circles) I was thinking of creating a list of Social Media SuperStars and then going through all my friends one time to add those and then putting everyone else in The Rest of My Friends as Of Jan2012. Then going forward I could subdivide the list better.
    Thanks for the great post and video!

  3. Stacey,

    Nice post — And great to hear your voice! 🙂

    I’ve not yet used lists too much. I made some, but then when Facebook changed, they all seemed irrelevant the way I arranged them.

    Someone mentioned it being a daunting task to go back and do that now. I keep thinking: Some Saturday… hehe

    Very efficient you are,


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