Author Platform Success Show Guest – Cathy Lumsden

Author Platform Success Show Guest – Cathy Lumsden

Psychotherapist, author and speaker – Cathy Lumsden shares with us techniques from her book “The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You”, which will inspire you to want to build better relationships. Plus, we will also hear some of her ‘how to’ tips to assist us in building stronger, healthier relationships.

Discover how to:
  • understand why things work and why things didn’t work.Cathy Lumsden
  • quickly identify old, problematic behaviors and patterns.
  • stop reacting and start responding in order to feel heard and understood.

Cathy and I also discussed some of her writing strategies, book-marketing techniques and how her book became a stepping-stone to a TV show and other promotional opportunities.  We heard how she made “pitches” to various producers, magazines and other news media in order to market herself and her book to expand her business presence further.

Finally, Cathy shared how she gradually incorporated the use of social media – initially twitter – to give herself a personal presence online.

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