Author Websites – The Good, The Not So Good and the Well… Excellent!!

I have been looking at a lot of Author websites to see what works and what doesn't.  I have found some that I am going to share here with you.

I am starting with the very amazing site of Dan Brown.  The site does not come under any of the above categories – it has one of its own – WOW!!  This is not the type of website you should aspire to, but it is worth a look and a mention purely for its wow factor. Very impressive and I can imagine – very expensive!

Lulu Taylor – I really like that as soon as you look at Lulu's page you can see she is an author.  Her book takes up a big part of the front page – which is great!  Her page is warm and inviting and I think straight away that she is a person I would want to spend more time with.  The only thing for me is that she is missing many opportunities to connect with her readers.  The link to her Facebook page is written in small writing on her front and contact page and her Twitter link is hidden away on her contact page.

One Apple Tasted. The first thing I noticed was a video on the front page, which I thought was great, but it would not load.  The next thing was that the dates have expired. The book again, took pride of place on the page which if fantastic.  I did find it a little difficult to follow when certain bits of information ended and new began. I do like how she has a lovely picture of herself on the front page, so you know whose website you are on straight away.

Victoria Alexander, I love this website.  It is a little flasher than needed but I think it is beautiful! It has the book on the front page, there are links to social media, a lovely picture of the author.  I think this has been put together very nicely!! You can even sign up to her newsletter on the front page.

In my next post I am going to show you some websites you could easily put together yourself with some knowledge on how to use WordPress. The Lulu Taylor and Elizabeth Alexander sites are both WordPress websites but you would need the help of a designer to create the Elizabeth Alexander site, whereas you would be able to easily learn how to put together a site like Lulu Taylor's yourself, or get it done for you inexpensively.

A few points to take awaway are:

  • Put your book on the front page – you spend all of that time writing it, you may as well show it off as much as you can.
  • Have links to your social media sites highly visible so people can connect with you there.
  • Have links on your page so that people can share your content out through their social media channels.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the websites above.

Leave your comments below!!

Stacey Myers, getting started, wordpress trainingStacey is a coach, trainer and speaker who supports Authors and Aspiring Authors create an online presence through WordPress and Social Media training. Stacey's hands-on style, supportive nature and extensive knowledge make her the perfect go-to resource.