be ready

Be Ready for it When it Happens, 'Cause it Will

You never know when an opportunity is going to come your way.  I found out today that I am going to be a guest on a blog talk radio show tomorrow. It's hosted by Susan Preston and called Socializing Your Business. It airs at 1pm EST, if you fancy listening.
As I was putting together the requested information, I was grateful to know everything I needed I already had prepared previously.  All I had to do was grab it, put it in an email and send it off.  There was none of the rushing around madly trying to put everything together, that I have had to do previously in similar situations.
A few things to consider having ready:
  • An up to date bio
  • An up to date image of yourself
  • A list of questions to give to the interviewer
  • A talk you could give on your topic (or an outline, at the very least)
  • A speaker sheet outlining the topics you speak about
  • A free opt in offer ready to go – a lot of times you will be able to give out the URL for that, and if not, people will still visit your website from hearing you speak
  • A product you can promote – I am able to talk about my ‘What to Tweet? Short is Sweet’ Twitter training on the call.  If I did not have a product to talk about it would have been a massive missed opportunity.

I also think if you have everything ready it is more likely that those unexpected opportunities will appear.





Have you ever been invited to be a guest or a speaker at the last minute? Did you have everything ready, were you able to get it ready? Leave your comments below.