Benefits of attending live events

Benefits of Attending Live Events

It is amazing that we are able to meet people from all over the world through the internet.  But nothing beats being able to meet people in real life. I try to get to as many live events as possible.

I am always a bit envious of all the great live events that happen in America.  We do have events in the UK, but not like, or as often as, the ones in the US. It probably is a good thing, actually, otherwise I would probably be flying all over the US going to live events. There is a different relationship built with people you get to spend time with them in person. The people you meet is obviously not the only reason you go.

Some other great reasons to attend live events are:

  • You learn loads while you are there
  • The amazing ideas you have, just from being in a learning environment, what you are hearing and the conversations you are having.
  • Focussing exclusively on your business for a few days
  • Getting to go away and have a break from your routine for a bit
  • The exposure for yourself in potentially meeting new clients, business partners and JV partners
  • And you always leave a better person than you were when you went there

Most of the people I work with are in the US, so I make a point of attending local events.  This gives me an opportunity to meet other business owners in the area.  I just signed up to attend an event put on by The Unleashed Women’s Network named Start 2013 Strong by Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan.  I know I will learn something from being there but the main incentive is to meet people. If you live in London you might want to check it out (oh, and obviously you need to be a woman).

The other event I am heading to is NAMS Workshop in Atlanta in Feb 8-10th.  I am very excited about this event as they are bringing together over 30 successful internet marketers to run workshops on what is working for them in their businesses. If you are near Atlanta, or even if you aren’t (I am coming from the UK!), you should check it out.

If you end up at either of these events, make sure you find me and say, ‘Hi’.

I have been over to the US a few times to meet with people that are in various mastermind groups I have been in or to attend other events.  Not only did I make some wonderful friends, I also developed business relationships and also met new clients.


I would love to hear your experiences from attending live events. Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. My “live events” are the crafts shows and markets where I can meet my customers. They are invaluable to get an understanding of what attracts people most even though I may not sell a huge amount. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish I could make it to the MyNams to meet you! Doesn’t look like our schedule will work for attneding. Sorry I missed your presentation the other night but I can go in the members area to hear it:)

    Not long ago i attended a live event and was able to meet someone I really admire. He had helped me learn a lot about websites and creating ones that engage people. His presnetation was lively and informative and and I am glad I was able to attend.

    Would love to attend an event in the UK. Someday…..

  3. I am attending the Australian Virtual Assistance Conference (AVAC 2013) on 22-23 March 2013 in Sydney. So far, I have met 2 VAs in person but have connected with more virtually. I am looking forward to being live at the conference and meeting people! I am also a member of a co-working community Hub Melbourne, a social member till I make more money, and also attend local business breakfasts that are held 4-5 times a year. From these I have extended my network and established relationships that help support me but also I am learning so much from other business owners too. I try to get out at minimum every second week.

  4. Miss Stacey, If I was near Atlanta, I would come say HI!!!! 🙂

    I do agree on the in person groups – as long as you bring back the information you learn and do something with it. That’s the key behind it. Putting things into practice as soon after as you can. This goes for any training, but I think at some of the in person conferences I have attended over the years there is so much info in a short amount of time. Overload almost.

    Have fun. Enjoy the warm weather while you’re there.


  5. It can be so rewarding to simply get away for a day and attend an event. Though some events can be a waste of time and money, I try to carefully select 1-2 events a year.

  6. I agree with your statement, Stacey, that you can learn a lot from attending local events. I think it's a great way to get out and learn about your community. Plus, it's a fun way to spend time and support those who are putting themselves out there to make the community a better, more interesting place. 

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