Build a Business

Belief Stack

That Will Blow

Your Own Mind

You have been at this business thing for a while now. You have all the structures in place, but just aren't seeing the results. On the surface you might even look confident, but inside you worry if you can really make a success of it.  There's only one thing missing... 

Your Belief in Yourself. 

I'm going to take you through the exact steps to create your own belief stack - aka unshakable belief in yourself.

This is a live program starting on June 17th at 10am ET. 

It is going to be amazing!

Session 1 - 17th June

 In this session we will cover:

- What your actual hidden agenda is when going after a goal.

 - The real reason you aren't taking action.

Session 2 - 24th June

 In this session we will cover:

- Why negative thoughts aren't always negative.

 - Why we continue to believe something that goes against what we want.

Session 3 - 1st July

In this session we will cover:

- Why you take actions that are inconsistent, even contrary, to what you want to achieve.

Session 4 - 8th July

 In this session we will cover:

- How to keep your belief stack from toppling over.

 - How to help your brain love new things.

Stacey is very powerful!  She's a well grounded power tower! Her straightforwardness cuts through your own stories.

Once you're in her hands, she's a stand for you, relentlessly sending you back to your own self, with power, humour, gentleness and love. 
- Marie Noelle

Stacey Myers

I work with smart people, who sometimes feel dumb, because they seem to have all the pieces in place but aren't getting the results they want.

What Others Say...


I coached with Stacey about leaving a job I hated.  She taught me how to change the way I was thinking and showed me it wasn’t the job I needed to change – it was my thoughts.

Thanks Stacey, for helping me love my job again.

Alfiya Imangulova


Stacey you are fantastic. Very supportive and encouraging. You helped me change my view towards making my life more interesting and enthusiastic. It's so simple. The way one looks at life goals and challenges, all depends on how one thinks.

Mariyah Mamajawali


Coach Stacey is extremely personable and has the ability to connect very deeply with people.  

With her help, I feel more worthy of myself! This is after achieving something I thought was impossible for me.

Shamna Ibrahim

Ready to Start REALLY Believing in Yourself?