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Canva is such a great tool for creating graphics.  When I first started my business I had no idea how to create graphics.  After many hours of trial and error and a few courses, I am pleased to say I have more of an eye for it now. (Full disclosure: I had someone help me with the lovely graphic you see above). I'm no designer but I can put something half decent together.

In this Canva tutorial I teach you how to use Canva to create reports and checklists.  There are many reasons to create reports and checklists in your businesses. One of the main reasons I use them is for lead magnets or free opt in offers.

What tool are you using for your business? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. I recently just started using Canva! I love how I can quickly drop-in photos, text, etc. The free templates have given me a great place to start — especially for Pinterest. I love the idea of making checklists. As I grow my blog, these will come in handy! Thanks for sharing your video!

  2. this is bookmarked. i went through part of the idea and love how you have presented this and broken it into different things. i have used canva but need to get more proficient in using it and your videos are sure to help.. so thank you

  3. Your video was just what I needed!! Not only am I just about to create a pdf freebie, but I have been wanting to create reports in general using Canva and just wasn’t sure how. I really needed to see it done, I think, so I’m so glad to have been able to watch you do it. Thanks, again! ~Jeanine

  4. Stacey, thanks so much for this tutorial! I’ve been using Canva for a while and have never thought of using it for a checklist. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow! You Rock!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your tips. I’ve only ever used Word and Publisher for checklists. I’ve also only used Canva for Facebook images. So this gives me a good idea. I can create freebies for my new blog.

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