Save Feature Now on Facebook

Save Feature Now on Facebook

Save Feature Now on Facebook

Save Feature Now on Facebook

I don't know about you but there have been quite a few times on Facebook that I have come across a post that I wanted to save for later. In show #8 I share about the new save feature on Facebook.

I use the Favourite feature on Twitter for such items, things that are of interest to me but I don't have time right then to read them or I want to save them to share with others later.

Facebook recently released a save feature.  This will be rolled out on phone apps and web based applications.  You can save posts with links, places, music, movies, books, films, TV shows and events.

I have the feature on my phone but don't yet have it when using Facebook on my PC. I am sure it will be available shortly. In saying that, though, I am still waiting for Graph Search.

All you need to do to save something is click on the little arrow on the top right hand side of the post – you will then see an option that says: ‘Save'. Refer to the picture below.

Save feature now on facebook 2

Once you have saved it you can find it on your phone by clicking on ‘more' or by clicking on the left hand side of Facebook on the web.

Save feature now on facebook 3
You are the only one that can see what you have saved, unless you choose to share it with friends yourself.

At times Facebook will remind you of some of the things you have saved by showing them in your news feed.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this new Feature! Leave them in the comments below.


Breaking Up on Facebook

Breaking Up on Facebook

Breaking Up on Facebook



Breaking Up on Facebook

This is a guest post from Susan Preston from 'Susan Can Help Me'. Susan is a Relationship Coach and Mindset Motivator.

Do you remember the song many years ago, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do?” That song is right, breaking up can be very challenging and now you have Facebook to content with.

When you first were getting into a relationship, you probably couldn’t wait to change your relationship status. So now that the relationship is over, I am sure you can’t wait to change your status once again.

But I caution you, not to just do it hastily as if the other person involved is not where they need to be with the break up, you could really hurt them even more so by changing your status without them knowing that you did.

Tips On Changing Your Relationship Status On Facebook:

Tell Them First:

Don’t break up or ask for a divorce via facebook by changing your relationship status un be known to them. Have a heart to heart with them and tell them that it is over, if possible in person.


Talk to the other person involved and asked them when they feel comfortable with changing their facebook status. It is better for you both to agree when the right time to do it is. Be mindful if you have children together, for it is not just about the two of you, but that it is also about them and can affect them in a negative way.

Changing Your Status:

When the time comes that everyone involved, including the children know, then decide how and when you both will change your relationship status.

Instead of going from married to separated, you can go into your relationship status and change it and then change the setting so that only you can see it. This way the whole world will not be notified of you having had changed your status. Instead, on your profile it will not show anything to do about your relationship status. Once all those involved are healing and ready to announce to the world about your break up, then you can later change it to single, etc.

Be Mindful of what You Post:

Lastly, please don’t be writing things about the other person in a derogatory way on facebook or on any other social media platform. It only defines who you are by doing so. Not only that, but the other person may really be going through a challenging time with the break up and I would think that you would not want to hurt them even more so.

Remember, a break up or a divorce does not have to be ugly!

It can be done in such a way that you might even be able to walk away from each other but remain friends.

Please share with me how you went about changing your relationship status on Facebook. I look forward to it, thanks!

Author Platform Success Show Guest – Eden Rudin

Author Platform Success Show Guest – Eden Rudin

Author Platform Success Show Guest – Eden Rudin

Join Eden Rudin and hear what she has to say about effectively using group shares on Facebook and LinkedIn to your small business advantage.  Plus you will hear some of Eden’s tried-and-true tips and ‘gems’ …methods for maximizing your use of social media.

Eden trains and strategizes with her clients on how to maximize their use of social media in order to maintain and expand their customer base through promoting the purchase of their products and services online.  Eden has been successful in serving small business communities since 2008.


To access further links and information about this interview and to listen to other interviews visit our Show Page.


Would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments below!

There Are No Stupid Questions Here

There Are No Stupid Questions Here


There are no stupid questions here

There Are No Stupid Questions Here

I know for myself that sometimes the only thing standing between me taking action and not taking action is getting one of my questions answered.  Other times I might just have a question but am not sure who to ask about it or I think it is a stupid question and am too embarrassed to ask.
This week I am giving you the opportunity to ask loads of questions.  I am keeping it to two topics at the moment, so I don’t get overloaded with questions.
          Building an author platform and online presence
          Social Media  – Facebook, Twitter, building relationships – anything around that
Please remember that there are no stupid questions here. Send me any questions you have relating to these two topics. If you have a question that skirts the edges of a topic, please ask it and I will see what I can do.
I am going to take the questions you send me, make videos to answer them and then send them back out to you. 
You can either ask the questions below – in the comments section or you can email them to me at
Don't forget to ask your questions below!!
Stacey Myers Are You Being Unfollowed and Not Sure Why?
Stacey Myers is a business and online marketing trainer, speaker and social media strategist accredited with the Relationship Marketing Institute. She mentors authors and writers in building relationships and community online.
Creating Images with Quotes

Creating Images with Quotes


Creating Images with Quotes

Images with quotes are very popular on Facebook, Pinterest and also on Twitter.

To make the most of this opportunity it is better if you can make them yourself (instead of always sharing other people's) – this way you can brand them with your logo or website address.  This creates a little problem for those of us that aren't graphic designers.  A friend of mine – Randi Thompson – told me about this free little tool.  It is not very pretty and there are ads on there but it does the job just fine! It is called Lunapic.

It is really easy to use.  Upload an image from your computer or add an image link.

Once you have the picture uploaded you can start adding the text by clicking – you guessed it – 'Add Text'.

That will have a text editor window open.

Here you can type in what you want to appear in the image.  You can change the font, size, colour, etc.  It will place your text in a default place and then you can drag and drop it to where you want it to be.  One limitation is that you cannot write something so it appears as 2 lines.  If you want something on 2 lines you will have to write them separately.  Write the first line, when it is how and where you want it click on the Apply Text button.  You cannot move the text once you have clicked it, so make sure it is in the right place. Then write the second one as you did the first one.

Once you have all of that set you can add your website or where ever you want people to recognise you from.

Here is one I made earlier.

Viola – you are done!

Please note – the image at the top was created by my graphic designer.  If you can afford it, having someone else create them is wonderful, but until then, or if you are in a rush, this is great tool to use. I have a couple of designers that enjoy making these images – they charge $20 an hour (which I think is amazing value) and can create approximately 10 images in the hour.  If you would like any further information about this please send me an email.

I would love to hear what you are using to create your branded images.  Leave them in the comment section below.


Stacey Myers Check Out Twitters New Look
Stacey Myers is a business and online marketing trainer, speaker and social media strategist accredited with the Relationship Marketing Institute. She mentors authors and writers in building relationships and community online.