Organisation is essential in your home, and/or office, if you are to function at maximum efficiency and productivity.  If every time you sit down to do some work you have to move everything off your desk or struggle to find a place to sit, then it is time to get organised. 

Some will claim that if they clean up and organise they would never be able to find anything; but this is rarely the case.  These people waste a lot of time saying, “I know it’s here someplace.” Take it from me – I am one of those people.

Most of the following suggestions hold true for organisation in both the home and office.  Find a place for everything and put everything in its place.  This will mean filing and storing.   If you have a home or office that’s overwhelmed with clutter, divide the task into individual areas.

Have plenty of file folders and storage bins on hand before you begin.  You could even get really creative with the colour of the boxes or how it is set out. 

A good rule is that if you’ve not read or used a piece of paper, a file or a notebook filled with notes in the last six months, you can probably trash it.  But, if you’re still not sure and think you may need to keep it for legal, or some other reason, then prepare a long-term file bin.

Try not to handle each piece of paper or file more than once.  Don’t get bogged down with in depth reading of an article, or something else you have picked up, or you’ll never get finished.  Save it for later.  Right now your goal is to get clear of clutter and get organised. 

Once the top of your desk is clear and everything is in its place, start with the drawers.  Clean desk drawers provide more storage space.  Keep your filing system simple.  Don’t make it so complicated that it’s hard to retrieve an item.  If you’re afraid you might lose track of an article, store it in a clear container or label it in bold letters.

Keep only the essential items on your desk top such as a phone, calculator, computer and office supplies you need daily such as tape, pens and paper clips.   You might want to keep a little space for a photo of your family or significant other. 

You tend to get much more accomplished if the environment is user friendly. 

Create an action list and keep it where you see it constantly.  Keep your appointment calendar up to date and check it often.  The top of your desk should have only one project at a time, to keep you focused.

Reward yourself once you’ve completed your organisation.  Now, keep it that way.  When a project is finished, put it away.  Straighten your desk and work area at the end of each day so you meet the new day with a clean desk and a clear mind.

Where are you going to bring organisation into your life this week?

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Stacey Myers

Coaching entrepreneurial women who have decided that mediocrity is no longer an option. From ordinary to extraordinary.

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  1. Here is an affirmation posted on my bulletin board: “My office is a sacred haven. I treat my workplace with respect and love.”

  2. I literally can’t stand it when my desk is to cluttered; I can’t concentrate. I like to bring organization in my to-do list though like Sandi was talking about.

  3. My Grandmother also always said “Have a place for everything and everything in its place” and I laugh now as she had so little of the ‘stuff’ that we seem to need to survive. De clutter is needed here for sure

  4. Thanks for the article Pat. I needed this. I have needed to clean up my office since tax season began. It’s over and I still haven’t tackled it. So it’s time!

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