How to Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It is important to have clarity around who your ideal customer avatar is. We think we can help everyone, which we mostly can, but to have a successful business we need to be talking to a specific group of people.

For me, I help women that have a job, start an online business on the side using their knowledge and expertise. The conversations that have I with are vastly different than I would have with people who work fulltime in their business and want to start taking on employees.

Both of these groups run online businesses but their needs are so vastly different.  That is why, the more specific you can get, the better and easier it is for you.

In this video I share a super simple way to help you get clear on who your ideal client is. I include how to use this knowledge to come up with lots of content ideas.

Now that you are clear on who your ideal client is then it is time to create your own free offer to show them how you can support them in getting the results they want. Click on the image to grab your free copy.

Who is your ideal client? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.