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There is so much more to your brand than just what it looks like. BUT - in saying that, the visual part of your brand is the one that people see first. They see the visuals on your site before they ever read anything. Your posts on social media have to catch their attention before they will click to see if you can help them to achieve their goals.

It is a lot easier to be proud of your graphics than you think - especially when you have Canva templates and training to get you started.

It includes all the graphics you need to support the launch of your product or program.

Looking to create a free offer to lead people to your product?
Within no time at all you can create a 5-day challenge workbook or a free report an opt in checklist, content upgrade graphic or workbook.

Need graphics for your launch page? We’ve got you covered:
Header graphics
Product graphics
Mockup graphics

Add a bonus or supporting document:
Checklists, workbooks, action plans or course book.

Or maybe you want to use social media to promote your launch:
Quote graphic – sized for all the platforms
Product graphics
Countdown graphics

There is also an ever growing Canva quick tutorial library.  That totals about 30 templates and a training video to go with each one.

You’ll be able to achieve in a couple of hours, what could take you days to do.

I’m even throwing in an extra Facebook and Instagram template pack to give you more variety.

I am even offering you an exclusive discount of 50% so you can create your graphics fast. It is one thing less to think about.

Take 50% off using the coupon code: BRANDING

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