3 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Goal Achievement

Let’s get straight into the 3 lies you have been told about goal achievement.

The first lie we have been taught is that it is better over there than over here.

We think that life will be AMAZING when:

  • We’ve achieved my goal.
  • Earned the promotion.
  • Signed 15 clients.
  • We’re in the relationship.

And the ultimate one:

HAPPINESS will finally be MINE! (More on this one later)

When in reality – it is exactly the same over there (in the land of the goal achieved) than it is here.

Life is 50/50 and it doesn’t matter where we are in life or what we have, or haven’t, achieved.

When we have achieved our goal, it will be a different 50/50 for sure, but it will still be 50/50. 50 percent great and 50% not so great.

We think that achieving the goal will make us happy.

Happiness is an emotion. Excitement is an emotion. Joy and accomplishment – both emotions. Being proud of ourselves – an emotion.

We think that achieving the goal is what gives us the feeling we are after. This isn’t how it works.

Our emotions actually come from our thoughts – not from events that happen outside of us.

That proud feeling from signing clients or getting the promotion is from our thoughts about it.

  • I’m so proud of myself.
  • There were 35 people that went for the job and they chose me.
  • All the extra work I put in has paid off.

Any one of these thoughts would give us the emotion of feeling proud.

The beauty of this is that any emotion that you think you’re going to feel when you get there, you can actually create that feeling for yourself now.

You can create the feeling of pride or accomplished now, regardless of what it is that you’ve achieved in life. More on that over the coming weeks.

I’m sure you are starting to see that all of these are closely linked.

We think over there is going to be better than here. That when we get ‘there’ we will be happy (or any other emotion of your choosing).

Then the final one is that once we achieve the goal we will have ARRIVED, that we will have BECOME the type of person that can achieve the goal.

Interestingly though – it works completely the opposite.

You need be become the person FIRST and only then will you be able to achieve the goal.

We have something called our self-image or self-concept. Next week I am going to go into this in more detail but want to give you a bit of an idea of it now.

Basically, we have an idea of ourselves – what we are like, what we look like, what we can achieve, how we are in life, what we are capable of…

Until we actually see ourselves as the type of person that can achieve the goal, we’re not going to be able to achieve it. Smoking is a great example – I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to give up smoking, but until you can start to see yourself as being a non-smoker, you’re never going to stop smoking.

Until you see yourself as the person that can sell 25 000 of their products in a year, you’re not going to be able to achieve that goal.

One of the biggest things to work on and really look at is your self-concept.

To create a life that is different from the one you currently have you need to start looking at yourself differently and thinking about yourself differently – then you’re going to be able to achieve the goal.

If you are wondering what your current self-concept is – have a look at your life and the current results you have.

I give a great example of this in the video. It’s at about

If you want to have different result in your business, you want to start to have different thoughts about it.

I’m confused, I don’t know, I’m not sure where to find people or I don’t know what to do next – are not going to but it.

In this PDF I give you 63 new thoughts to think. Just one of these thoughts could change everything in your business.


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