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Do You Struggle to Write Great Headlines? 

Help is at hand with this great 'cheat sheet' from Jon Morrow at Copyblogger.

I am one of those people that struggles to come up with a great headline.  I found this '52 Headline Hacks' very useful and I refer to it quite often.  I wanted to share it with you as I am sure you will find it useful as well.

This is what Jon has to say – 

After years of writing viral posts at Copyblogger, I took everything I learned and condensed it into this “Cheat Sheet” for writing popular posts. No, it’s not a replacement for mastering the craft, but if you’re a beginner, and you want a quick boost to your blog traffic, then this is absolutely where you should start.

He talks about 6 different types of headlines. I won't give them all away here but List Headlines and Zen Headlines are two of them.

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What tips or tricks do you use to come up with your headlines? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Hi Stacey– I was excited by the title of your post, then found I couldn’t get the content until I hit the link, provided my email address, waited for a confirmation email, confirmed, then downloaded an article. I look forward to seeing the content on this very important topic! I would like my headlines to be better, for sure!

  2. As with most everyone, headlines are my weakest spot, too. Somehow I missed seeing this resource on copyblogger.com so I’m excited to get it downloaded and look through it. Thanks for including such a useful resource in your post.

  3. This is great! Since the challenge, it seems that headlines are popping in my head before some of the blog stories. But I must admit…I’m taking the weekend off from the challenge….I think.

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