Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster

Ditch the Emotional Drama

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Life's always going to have its ups and downs:

  • You have a miscommunication with a friend.
  • Someone gets the promotion you think should be yours.
  • You are told last minute that you have to stay at work.
  • Your boss yells at you.
  • Someone is sick.
  • Someone runs into your car in the parking lot.
  • You have an argument with someone in your family.

But that doesn't mean you have to be a regular on the emotional rollercoaster.


You know what I'm talking about.

It usually goes one of two ways:

  • One thing completely throws you off the rails and into an emotional frenzy. or
  • It is a lot of small things that build up (that you manage well) and then sometimes one thing (sometimes seemingly insignificant) tips you over the edge.

You're left wondering what happened and disappointed with yourself for the way you responded. Wishing that it had gone another way, feeling embarrassed and having the urge to apologise.

You end up overthinking it for days - your brain unable to stop the looping thoughts that are going through you head.

You probably start judging yourself - ridiculing yourself for your inability to let go of or get over things.

In this 90 minute live workshop you will learn a powerful strategy to manage your emotions, that you can implement immediately.

Imagine being able to stay calm, even when everyone around you isn’t.

Or being able to quickly recover from setbacks that happen in life.

Or even being able to decide IN ADVANCE how you are going to feel about something.

I know it might seem hard to believe but this is totally possible for you.

I really enjoyed working with Stacey. I have training in psychotherapy, spiritual and mindset fields, but a lot of it is actually theory. With Stacey’s program, she took the key essence and made it bite sized and easy to digest. I learned things I can apply to everyday life when I struggle, so that really made a difference for me.

Jenny Yoon

My ultimate goal with coaching was to have thicker skin and more control of my thoughts. My life changed significantly! I unlocked my potential and truly advanced in many areas of my life. What was truly eye opening was understanding that I am responsible for how I feel. Coaching with you was AMAZING! Words can’t do you justice.