You have an area of expertise and you’re ready to turn it into a real life business.

You might even know some of the steps you need to take to get it done. Set up a website, create an opt-in, build your email list, sell programs and services, etc.

But you might be stuck and not know where to start. Which of the steps to take first.

I bet you wish you had someone you could sit down with and they'd show you EXACTLY what you need to do. Step by step, without all the confusion.

That's where I can help!



Your 90 Day Personalised Business Building Blueprint

The essential resource for building a solid foundation for your business. 

I’ll help you identify, and implementthe exact steps you need to take to turn your expertise into a business and start making money.

How it works...

I take you through the 7 steps to running a successful online business.

Everything you need and nothing you don't.

From making sure you have the right pages on your website, to where to host your free offer, to deciding which social media platforms you should be on, what content to be writing or sharing and how to connect all the pieces.

Gain Clarity and Focus

  • Create your business blueprint, so you have a clear direction of where you are heading and can avoid the roadblocks that are currently holding your back. 
  • Develop a unique strategy to make sure you are targeting the audience that needs you most and will happily pay for your expertise. 
  • Create a workable schedule that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Show off your Personality

  • Design a captivating brand that attracts your idea client, like a magnet.
  • Create a library of brand assets, without spending a small fortune on graphic designers.
  • Design branded templates that you can use over and over again. Saving you hours of time and hundreds of dollars. 

Create a Beautiful Website you are Proud of

  • Quickly build a laser focused website that makes it crystal clear who you help and how.
  • Develop all of the must have pages to be able to build your list and make sales.
  • Create an engaging blog that you love to write, that shows off your expertise and encourages your community to join the conversation.

Build an Engaged Community of Subscribers

  • Create a free opt in offer that showcases your expertise and people will eagerly give up their email address for.
  • Tackle the technical trouble spots and get your email provider set up correctly the first time.
  • Write emails that engage and connect with your community and makes sales on autopilot.

Craft Compelling Content

  • Create a simple, easy to follow content plan that helps your readers achieve their goals.
  • Decide on the best format for your content so it is easy to create and even easier for visitors to consume.
  • 5 point repurposing plan that makes the most of every word you write and saves you hours every month.

Package Your Expertise

  • Hands on, done with you product creation so you can see results fast.
  •  Develop practical systems to attract clients and fill your calendar with ease.  
  • Design a smooth sales process that instills trust and leaves your clients feeling nurtured and appreciated.

Effectively Market your new Business

  • Decide on the social platforms that will reap the most reward for your efforts.
  • Create a marketing plan that is easy to implement and get results.
  • Use your time on social media strategically to position yourself as the 'go to' expert in your niche.

Only $397 

All you need to get started, is to say YES to yourself and your business...

There is a payment plan option also available - $140 each month for 3 months.


Stacey is an amazing lady. She has been a great source of inspiration. Every time I speak to her I get a wealth of knowledge and ideas. If you want someone to be as passionate about having your business as you are, Stacey is your gal.


Sally Hirst


If you have an opportunity to work with Stacey, learn from her or simply be in her presence, your life will be uplifted in so many positive ways. She has so much value to offer. Make an investment in Stacey Myers, you will be happy you did.


Peggy McColl


Stacey is very patient, loving, kind and persistent. Her way of thinking really makes a difference and her belief in you will change the way you think. I would definitely recommend Stacey’s teaching.


Ruta Balseviciute


A Calendar Filled with Clients You Love

A Thriving Community of your Ideal People

Content that Helps People Achieve their Goals

Systems in Place to Run Your Business with Ease

This program is for you if you are:

 - Ready to put in the work to set up your own business.
 - Have an area of expertise that you know can change the lives of others.
 - Obsessed with getting your message out to the world.
 - Want to start an online business selling your expertise through coaching, programs and information products.


  • Initial Strategy Session - An initial 90 minute strategy call to create your game plan and timeline. Every 2 weeks we come back together to check your progress and plan out your next steps.
  • Individualised Program - An experience completely tailored to your specific business needs. Depending on where you're at, we'll work on exactly what needs to be done to get you results. 
  • Complete Support - Feeling stuck between calls  No worries! There is email coaching already included. You can email any weekday and receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Peace of Mind - You will have peace of mind knowing that someone is there every step of the way. 

Only $397 

All you need to get started, is to say YES to yourself and your business...

There is a payment plan option also available - $140 each month for 3 months.

I am a passionate teacher, coach and trainer. Having taught 4 year olds all the way through to 85 year olds, I have developed a range of strategies that help you to walk away confident in your ability to implement what you have learned.

I have helped hundreds of women turn their expertise into a business following my 7 step model.

Cristina Piva

There is no way you cannot have a successful business...

After a couple of years of listening to webinars, buying products that solved part of the problem and left me hanging about what comes next...I was introduced to Stacey Myers.


In no time I felt like a pro! Her direct language and personal approach to teaching leaves no stone unturned and you can't help but "get it" on the first round. 

For 12 weeks Stacey opened the doors to setting up an online business. She does not tell you, but instead, she shows you exactly what needs to be done. She shares tools - both free and premium; she demonstrates the tools in action, and clearly shows pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about what is best for your own business.

In my previous attempts I struggled with the order of what to implement, but her course leaves no doubt about what to do in each step.


So you see, there is no way you cannot have a successful business ready to rock after working with Stacey.

Courses included in this program:

You don't have to worry about being left on your own after the 3 months is done because you will have forever access to some of my most popular business building courses. You will be able to return to them again and again when you have questions or need a helping hand.


What if I don't need all steps?

What is your refund policy?

Am I able to keep all of the programs?

What is the time commitment each week?

Is there a payment plan?

Your Business Idea + my Business Building Expertise =
a Profitable Business that Impacts the Lives of Thousands