Do You Have the Facebook Timeline?


Do You Have the Facebook Timeline?


As you most probably have heard Facebook has released/is releasing its new timeline for personal profiles.  Facebook may have given it to you already or you set it up yourself. If you do not have the new timeline it will be with you shortly.
I really like the new timeline.  I think it is very visually pleasing and easy to use.
This is the link from Facebook, it contains video and talks you through all of the different aspects of the timeline.
So, once you have your timeline, the next question is – what picture (called the 'cover' image) am I going to use now that I have all of this space(850px X 315px)?  On mine, I have a picture from when I travelled through Africa, you can see it here.  
Some people are using this space to advertise their business. Kevin K. Lau has used his to show what his business is about, his website URL and a book he has written.  Other people have gone all out and used every bit of space for promotion of their business.
Mari Smith wrote a blog post which talks about whether you are allowed to use your cover image for promotional purposes.  There was talk when the timeline first came out that people might sell the space for advertising.  You can read Mari's post here
The last links I am sharing with you are creative ways that people have used their cover images.
This one is from Technomag and showcases 15 designs.
Mad 4 Flash Blog shows you some more ingenious ideas that people have come up with.
If you cannot wait until your turn rolls around, Mashable gives you instructions on how you can activate the timeline yourself.
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  1. Great post, Stacey! Thanks for explaining the timeline so succinctly and offering great examples.

  2. Stacey Myers Avatar
    Stacey Myers

    Thanks Terri – I am glad you found it useful!

  3. Hello Stacy very nice blog glad I stumble on it…

    1. Stacey Myers Avatar
      Stacey Myers

      Hi Rob,

      I am glad you stumbled on it, also.


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