Fantastic Blog Post Idea Starters

Fantastic Blog Post Idea Starters

If you are looking for ways to make your blog better you want to start following Michelle Shaeffer.  She has been teaching about blogging for many years.

In show #13 I share a few of the great ideas in Michelle’s latest article about finding inspiration and ideas for your blog postsFantastic Blog Post Idea Starters

A few of the ones I particularly liked are:

  • 5 books you need to read – as an avid reader I could think of 5 books straight away to tell people about.
  • 1 thing I do every day – this also prompted me to think of sharing something that I learn every day.
  • Stories about how you had overcome something.
  • The best bumper stickers I have seen – I think this is a great one as it starts to train us to look for blog ideas in different and unusual places.
  • The 5 websites I visit most often.

I would love to hear other ways you generate ideas for your blog posts.  Leave them in the comments below.



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