Get Started with IGTV

Get Started with IGTV

Now, you might be wondering what IGTV is. Basically it’s a new long form sharing service that’s provided by Instagram. We are going to look at how you can get started with IGTV.

(There is a video tutorial at the end of this post that also covers most of what is being said here, if you prefer to watch.)

There is a whole new app for it, but if all you want to do is watch the videos you can do that through the Instagram app. You can upload videos anywhere in length between 15 seconds and 10 minutes.  If you have a verified, or large, account you can upload videos up to an hour in length.

If you are going to download the IGTV app you don’t have to set up a new account as it pulls everything into it from Instagram.

Like any of the new platforms that come out, I think it is good to check it out and see if it can fit into the marketing plans for your business. We don’t need to be doing everything that is out there.  Just use the platforms that make the most sense to you and your audience.

Get on there, watch some videos and have a bit of a play around.

I found the experience slightly weird as it feels like I am watching a live stream when I watch the videos and then to upload my own, it felt the same as when I do a live stream when I recorded it, but I was only recording it to my phone and then uploading it.

You could edit your videos and make them really polished and you will see in the video how Chris Ducker is repurposing content on the platform. I don’t think I am going to use it for polished videos, I will continue to do those on YouTube.

What I think is the biggest draw is that you can add a link to the description, which makes it very easy for people to be invited to visit other content or your other channels. It has always been one of the things I find hard on Instagram, as well in Instagram stories (as I don’t have 10 000 followers), not being able to direct people anywhere else.

In this video I take you through how to get started with IGTV, whether you want to be a viewer or creator on the platform.

I would love to hear if you are going to use IGTV as a marketing tool in your business.


4 responses to “Get Started with IGTV”

  1. yeah this is the best way to go through IGTV . I also feel the same experience as when I do a live stream when I recorded it, but I was only recording it to my phone and then uploading it. It was a weird experience to me as well.

    1. Yes, I much prefer just doing it live.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Stacey Myers. I didn’t even know the how to get start with IGTV had a blog. Good to know I’ll definitely check it and the others out!

    1. Thanks so much!

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