Getting StartedThe getting started part of getting started is the hardest part of getting started. (Now, that was a mouthful). 

There are a lot of times in life when we do not have a choice about getting started.

We had to get started learning how to walk, learning how to talk.  If we did not get started at some point on those we would still be just laying down looking around all day.  We got started when we went to school.  We had to get started learning the alphabet, making new friends, getting used to the routine.   We are all settled in primary school and then secondary school comes along.  We needed to get started all over again, making new friends, finding our way around the school.

Secondary school finishes and then it is looking for a place to go to college, university, or a place to work. The list goes on. We mostly get started all over again in life because we have to. We did not really think about it, we just got on and did it.

What about if we got started a lot more often just because we wanted to and not because we had to?

The exciting thing about it all is that getting started at something is like having a fresh start. A new challenge, a chance to experience something different.

If we look at getting started as something exciting we might be more likely to get started on all those dreams that we have put to the back of our minds.  Taking the dancing class or singing lesson, starting our own business, leaving our job, getting married (getting divorced), asking someone out on a date, asking for the promotion, taking the vacation and the list goes on…

This blog article was me getting started and it is all very exciting.  I have been thinking about exactly what it is that I want to do in my business, what do I want to offer to people.  What I am going to do is ‘Get people off to a confident start'.  That will mean different things for different people.  It may be helping someone to get set up online, it could be coaching them into a promotion or starting a new business, it could be giving someone the confidence and self belief to start the seminar series that they have been putting off.  Getting people off to a confident start is very exciting and I am very excited.  I am mostly excited about all of the lives that I am going to positively impact through both my business and my personal life.  I would love for you to be one of those people.

What exciting (or confronting) thing/s are you going to get started on this week?

About the author 

Stacey Myers

Coaching entrepreneurial women who have decided that mediocrity is no longer an option. From ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. Thanks Stacey…for me this week…it started Monday with a new excercise and workout plan… been planning way too much…the hardest part is getting out the door..

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