How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter

How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter

If you have been following me for any length of time you will know that I love Twitter.  If you are going to be on Twitter you want to make sure that you are following and interacting with people that are going to engage back with you.

Not all Twitter users are created equally.  If you are looking to build a thriving and engaged community you want to be following, and have following you, people that are already talking and tweeting other people’s content.

The goal being, that if they are interacting and retweeting other people’s content and you tweet something of interest, that they will then interact with you and share your content.

This is one of the videos that I am sharing in my ‘Explode Your Twitter Reach’ 7 Day Challenge.

Finding engaged users on Twitter is easy if you follow these simple steps.

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17 responses to “How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter”

  1. wonderful insight and great advice thank you

    1. Thanks, Caroline!

  2. I post to Twitter but I don't engage. I know, I know…my (social media) life is full with FB and LinkedIn. I should probably cancel my account, but…I continue to post. 

  3. Wow, short sweet and to the point.


    Engaged followers… except when they won't leave you alone… and you have work to do and they keep tweeting you about Kuwait. bahhahaha.

  4. I really need to be more engaging on Twitter. Thanks for the tips on how to make my page more active.

    1. My pleasure. It makes a difference.

  5. A great tip. This is much like what we do on other platforms.  It seems easier to do though. 

    1. Yes, it is definitely easier on other platforms.

  6. I love this tip! Thanks, Stacey. I definitely need to engage on Twitter more.

  7. Thus is exactly what Ive been looking for. I see you have a massive following & I wondered how. I cant exactly find women who love jewelry & our kind of beaded jewelry, but I do a lot of inspirational quotes. This will be great. Thank you.


  8. Indira Pierrot Avatar
    Indira Pierrot

    I am not on Twitter much but I am getting into Periscope so I definitely need to be. Your challenge sounds good! 

    1. That’s great to hear!  I am using periscope more as well.

  9. Engagement is where it's at. Twitter shouldn't be a popularity contest but a tool to build community and provide value. 

    1. Yes, I completely agree!

  10. Engagement is the key – be it on any SoMe platform. There is no point in one-way communication – does no good to anyone. People who are there just to speak their minds, hardly make an impact.

    Great tips Stacey! Loved it.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m pleased you found it helpful.

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