How to Live Your Life
on Purpose

The instruction manual we all wish we had

Have you ever wished that someone would just give you an instruction manual for how to live the life you want? Exactly what to think and do on a daily basis.

Imagine the life that you want that you don’t currently think is possible. Maybe you want a new job or a more romantic relationship or a thriving business

You might think what is standing in your way is a lack of confidence and if you were more assertive you could have what you want.

Be the person that could achieve those goals.

What if I told you...

You can have everything you want simply by
living your life on purpose.

This is a live program starting on September 21st at 11:30am ET.

Location will be send once registered.

Here's what we'll cover:

Session 1

You’ll have an entirely different view of life and you’ll know how to have total control over your experience (regardless of what happens to you).

Session 2

You will understand that your thoughts about yourself may not be the truth and how to intentionally think something different/better.

Session 3

You will have the tools you need to create better relationships with yourself and others without anyone having to change.

Session 4

How to apply what you have learned in the previous sessions to achieve every goal you set, even if you have tried and failed before.

Hi! I'm Stacey

I coach women to match their inside goals with their outside actions and follow through on their plans. My clients have started businesses, published books, landed dream clients, discovered confidence they didn't know they had... and it all started with unshakeable self-confidence.

This has been one of the best experiences ever.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about how helpful this has been. After the very first session, I said to my husband, ‘I feel empowered and positive in a way that I have not in ages.’

You can know it in your head, but somehow Stacey made it real and it connected with my heart in a way that made me feel empowered.

I know that things aren’t perfect for me yet, but I have confidence now that I have a set of tools that I can use to help improve the beliefs that I have. I just can’t say enough nice things about it. This has been one of the best experiences ever. Thank you, Stacey.

- Shelley Merchant

I’m a whole different person.

My ultimate goal with coaching was to have thicker skin and more control of my thoughts. My life changed significantly! I unlocked my potential and truly advanced in many areas of my life. What was truly eye opening was understanding that I am responsible for how I feel. Coaching with you was AMAZING! Words can’t do you justice.

- Abrar Alqaryuti

I really enjoyed working with Stacey.

I really enjoyed working with Stacey. I have training in psychotherapy, spiritual and mindset fields, but a lot of it is actually theory. With Stacey’s program, she took the key essence and made it bite sized and easy to digest. I learned things I can apply to everyday life when I struggle, so that really made a difference for me.

Stacey is really easy going, has a warm heart and caring nature. I feel like working with her I will never feel like I am wrong. She will encourage me and it doesn’t matter what you do we can always work it together. She has a really caring nature and I think working with a coach like her would be very beneficial for a lot of people that feel less good about ourselves. Highly recommended.

- Jenny Yoon