How to Set Up Google Analytics in WordPress

Setting Up Google Analytics

How to Set Up Google Analytics in WordPress

It is all well and good having content on your website but what is the good of that if you don't even know if anyone comes and visits. There are various analytics options out there but Google Analytics is by far the most popular one.  The fact that it is free is probably a big draw as well.

Basically Google Analytics will track things like how many people have been to your website, how long they stayed for, which pages they visited and where they came from.

There are a lot of higher lever functions that can be used but to begin with this is all the information that you need.

There is a way to add Google Analytics to your website by adding a piece of code but it is a lot easier to do it with the plugin and also the plugin will give you additional features that are not available if you simply add the code.

Before you add the plugins to your site you need to set your Google Analytics account which you can do at – All you need is a gmail account and you are good to go.

I show you in this video how to set up your Google Analytics account, install the plugins I recommend and configure the settings.

The 2 plugins I refer to in the video are:

Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by Alin Marcu

These are not the only plugins out there, but these are the ones I use.




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