Internship Opportunity

Stacey Myers is inviting you to be an intern in her business.

Give me 10 hours a week for sixteen weeks and I will educate you in the areas relevant to grow your own successful business online.  This is a really exciting time as I am currently launching a new business.

This internship commences on begins on Monday, 21st February, 2014. 

Stacey Myers

There are 2 openings for interns:

– Online Business/Content Marketing/Periscope/Social Marketing Internship

Applicants must:

  • Feel comfortable working on the internet
  • Be able to accept and learn from constructive criticism
  • Be committed to the internship and perform to the best of your ability
  • Be able to work independently after initial guidance
  • Have at least a basic understanding of the area of internship being applied for
  • Have good writing skills

Graphics skills of any level would definitely be great.

Types of Responsibilities

In the past I have separated out each section of my business and had internships in each of those areas. With these internships I am keeping everything together.  This doesn't mean you can't specialise in areas that are of interest to you but as all areas of business are so intertwined and reliant on each other I want to offer you the opportunity to see the business from all angles.

These are some of the areas we will be focussing on:


I am using Periscope as the basis for my entire content creation strategy.  You will learn how to take a periscope video and repurpose it into over 50 pieces of content.

That content will then be promoted out across all of my platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Developing social marketing strategies

Scheduling and posting

Interacting with and engaging followers

Product and Free Offer Creation

Home study programs

Group coaching programs


Managing membership sites

Online Business Skills

All areas relevant to building an online business will be covered.

You will be able to take things learnt in the internship and implement them in your own business.

What is expected?

10 hours a week on directed tasks for the 16 week period.


Access to my courses and memberships available now and those created in the future.

An inside look at my business and what I do for myself and my clients.

Direct feedback for improving your skills.

You will have access to me via Skype and a private Facebook group.

2 sessions of one to one coaching with Stacey (1 hour each) to be taken within 3 months of the internship completion.

Applications close: Saturday 29th November, 2014

Interviews will be held the week of the 1st December ready for the internship to commence 8th December. We will spend 2 weeks getting set up and doing training.  There will not be any responsibilities the weeks commencing the 22nd and the 29th of December.  We will start up again on the 5th January 2015.

Apply Here!

Comments from previous interns:

"I learned a ton! The most important thing I learned was how to put all the (hidden) internet business pieces together. Stacey is a savvy business woman who is generous, patient, and takes the time to teach before she delegates. Win-win all around. I highly recommend interning with Stacey, but you must be willing to work hard."

Cristina Piva

"I am so glad I decided to work as an intern for Stacey Myers. I learned so much about how to successfully run an online business from a big picture point of view. I have studied many of the pieces in the past and with Stacey I was able to finally understand how they all fit together. Unlike other internships where you are relegated to one boring, repetitive task, I was able to work alongside Stacey on a project from start to completion and see the results. The weekly sessions that I had with Stacey was like having my own semi-private workshop with an accountability partner. These sessions were an invaluable part of deepening my knowledge, skills and confidence as I move forward. Stacey encouraged me to work within my strengths and passions so that I would get the best results. It was just such a delight and pleasure to work with Stacey Myers."

Sherri Frost