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You have probably heard  by now that the Google Keyword Tool is being replaced by the Google Keyword Planner. People don't seem overly pleased with this decision and are wondering which tools to use now.  I don't find the new option to be as user friendly, so was pleased to find this post that walks you through how to use the new Google Keyword Planner.

Another popular option, that has a free version, is WordTracker.  It is limited to what you can do without then having to pay for the privilege, but you can still get a general idea.

This video shows how I have been using Google's predictive search to find good keywords for my blog posts.

What keyword tools do you use to do keyword research?


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  1. Thanks Stacey for the information you shared in this post. It has answered some questions which I have been looking around for since the new Google keyword planner tool came out. I had become very comfortable with the old tool and needed to find out exactly how to use the new one.
    I appreciated your tip on using the predictive search to get more ideas for keywords as I spend a long time trying to find a keyword for each blog post. This tip will help to make this process a lot quicker! Thank you!

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