Deciding to Live with Your Toes out the Door

7 Minute Solution

Deciding to Live with Your Toes Out the Door

This is a subtitle from one of the chapters in Allyson Lewis' new book, ‘7 Minute Solution’. I was looking to increase my productivity and someone mentioned this book to me.  You know how things have an uncanny knack of showing up just when you need them.

So, what is the 7 Minute Solution? 

– Allyson says that it ‘is the life system that will equip you to escape the chaos and enjoy a life of freedom and meaning’. Wow – who doesn’t want that?
The introduction draws you in immediately with a story that has a very strong message – setting the scene for the rest of the book.
As I read further I realised this was not just another book about writing a to do list, but delves into the science behind how we can change the patterns of our life, what motivates us and how we can use that knowledge to take our lives to a new level.  The book does not get bogged down in this, but gives enough knowledge and examples for you to see how it relates to the next exercise or concept.
There are a number or exercises to do, not too many that they take over the book, just enough to get you thinking and starting to put structures in place.
I have not even finished the book, but thought I would share it with you now as I know this a time when people are reassessing their lives and their priorities.
The first thing you are asked to do is get present to what your values are.  This is a great exercise to check how in alignment your current life and actions are to your values.  It is so easy to get on life’s treadmill and just live day to day without stopping to check that you are on the right path.  Every exercise is accompanied by a downloadable form.  For the first one you start with 75 values and narrow them down to 10.  It is from these 10 values that you start writing your purpose.
Mine, in no particular order, are freedom, financial security, relationships, making a difference, knowledge/learning, fun/adventure, achievement, health, community and passion.
What I realised from doing this was that I had not been placing some of my values as a high priority in my life.  I have been spending a bit too much time working on my business and not enough time having fun and spending time with my friends (my family are in another country, so it is phone calls with them).
From your values you then start writing a purpose statement – I wrote a purpose statement for my family, my friends, myself and my business. 
My purpose for my friends – is for them to know that I will always love them. That what is going on in their life is of importance to me and I will make time to spend with them. I will always support and champion them in making their dreams a reality. (I will share my business one with you in a separate blog post.)
Doing this exercise had me get quite excited about spending more time with my friends and if I bring fun and adventure into it then we can get up to loads of mischief together.  The first thing I am going to do is book a night out with my mates to a comedy show.
I then started writing my purpose and actions all around my office. I have found the most amazing whiteboard product that allows you to put a whiteboard sheet up on the wall and it just stays there, using static. This static technology also allows you to put paper or photos on it and they just stick, like magic. Seeing is believing, and you can find out more about the sheets here.  You can get flip chart size ones and smaller ones for writing your goals, affirmations or reminders on.
Here is an example of my travel board.  The whiteboard sticks to the wall, with static, and the the pictures stick with static.  I really like this stuff.
I digressed, sorry. But as you can tell I started to get very excited about bringing back into my life some of the things I love doing but have started to let go by the wayside.
Where I am up to in the book is writing out my goals, and then actions, (based around my values and purpose) for the next 90 days.
I will keep you posted on the rest of the book – but if the first half is anything to go by, I am going to enjoy my elevated levels of productivity.
If you would like to get this book you can buy it as or More information can be found at the 7 Minute Solution website. If you want a cool way to give high visibility to your goals and purpose check the whiteboards out.
Stacey Myers, getting started, wordpress training 

Stacey is a coach, trainer and speaker who supports people getting started with an online presence through WordPress and Social Media training. Stacey's hands-on style, supportive nature and extensive knowledge make her the perfect go-to resource for new entrepreneurs, and small business owners, who need a one-on-one or small group approach. She will also help you to overcome your mindset barriers so you too, can feel the freedom of living your passion.


What are you going to bring back into your life that you love doing, but have not been doing enough of lately?

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8 responses to “Deciding to Live with Your Toes out the Door”

  1. Stacy,

    Your question leads perfectly into the mind-mode I’m in right now.

    My theme phrase for this year is “Build With Balance.” Meaning that I’m going to remember to put myself on the priority list…which means putting the quality over quantity value back into my life.

    Great preliminary review!


    1. Stacey Myers Avatar
      Stacey Myers

      ‘Build with Balance’ sounds great! I do think we can get carried away with other people’s things and our businesses or work and easily forget ourselves, that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great book review luv! I am VERY interested in this book and in the sticky wall thing…WOW, they are both right up my ally! Thanks so much for sharing – the book and your experiences!

  3. Stacey Myers Avatar
    Stacey Myers


    Thank you! I am pleased you liked it.

    I love the whiteboard sheets, I have them up everywhere.

    Thank you for commenting!

  4. Thanks for posting Stacey, This sounds like a perfect book for the New Year when people are all naturally focused on change.

    1. Stacey Myers Avatar
      Stacey Myers

      Thanks Lauren. I agree, now is the perfect time. I always think there is a lot of energy around this time of year – everyone is so full of all the possibilities that lie ahead.

      Here’s to a great year!

  5. digging the whiteboard sheet idea!!

    1. Stacey Myers Avatar
      Stacey Myers


      I love them! They are up all around me room,


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