Are you ready to LIVE a LIFE you LOVE by making your goal achievement INEVITABLE?

I’m starting a new program on the 11th of April that is perfect for you if…

  • you have at least one goal you would like to achieve. (Your goal might be related to your career, business, health or finances. It might be that you want to be more assertive, confident, bolder, braver or courageous. Maybe you want to have a better relationship with yourself or those around you.)
  • you sometimes wonder why you aren’t the person you know you can be (or have the life you know you can have) and aren’t quite sure what is getting in the way of you becoming her.
  • you feel motivated for a while and take action, but then it just fizzles out and you go back to what you were doing before.
  • you get frustrated with yourself because you feel like it should be easy, but for some reason it isn’t.
  • you sometimes question your ability to actually create the life you want.
  • you want the attainment of your goals to be INEVITABLE!

You will:

  • Discover the most common pitfalls that prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Learn how to manage yourself and your mind so you show up powerfully and take consistent action. This is the exact system I use with myself and my clients.
  • Receive your own guide book with daily prompts and questions to help uncover anything that is getting in the way of you moving forward.
  • Develop a reflective practice that will support you in make incremental daily improvements, without having to judge yourself for what you have or haven't done.
  • Have daily access to myself and others to share what you are committed to, celebrate wins, receive support and ask questions. 
  •  Be able to attend group coaching calls twice a month to receive coaching.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: Register before April 4th to receive 3 months of
1-1 voice coaching with me.

I really enjoyed working with Stacey.

I really enjoyed working with Stacey. I have training in psychotherapy, spiritual and mindset fields, but a lot of it is actually theory. With Stacey’s program, she took the key essence and made it bite sized and easy to digest. I learned things I can apply to everyday life when I struggle, so that really made a difference for me.

Stacey is really easy going, has a warm heart and caring nature. I feel like working with her I will never feel like I am wrong. She will encourage me and it doesn’t matter what you do we can always work it together. She has a really caring nature and I think working with a coach like her would be very beneficial for a lot of people that feel less good about ourselves. Highly recommended.

- Jenny Yoon

It has made a big difference!

Stacey’s program has helped me tremendously. It was feeling discouraged in a new project (comparing myself to the teacher and how I was behind and not doing very well), which caused me to not take any action and therefore not do well..

When I took Stacey’s program, I realised I could think something different. I could think, ‘Well, I am just learning this.’ Then I could give myself time and space emotionally to go for it. Take my time, ease into it and make adjustments for myself, because I was just learning. Then I was learning, producing and making progress. It has made a big difference in what I am doing.

- Deborah Witherell