What is Niggling at You?

What are you tolerating? There are so many things in life that we are tolerating – things that annoy us constantly but we just keep on ignoring them.

What you may or may not realise is that all of these little things that we are tolerating eat up our creativity and are sapping our energy!

One of the things I am tolerating is a dusty car.  Every day when I get in it I always berate myself for not having been to the car place to have it cleaned.  I even get car envy when I look at someone else’s beautifully washed car.  I keep saying that I will get it done tomorrow, or when I drive past the car place I am in a hurry to be somewhere else, or I have people in the car with me – there is always an excuse.

That is just one little thing – we literally have tens, if not hundreds of these little things that niggle away at our brain space.

They can be little things, like my car or fixing the hem on a pair of trousers, cleaning out ‘that’ drawer (you know the one I am talking about) – or they can be big things that if we do not get them taken care of, could have a significant impact on our quality or experience of life – getting the noise checked in our car, getting our finances organised and our taxes paid.

What are those things that are niggling at you? I invite you to take 10-15 minutes today to write down the things that have been taking up your brain space, and then start to work at getting some of them off your list.

Some will take minutes to complete, others a bit, or maybe a lot, longer.  I guarantee you this though, once you start working on your list you are going to feel lighter and maybe even have a renewed sense of energy.

While you write your list, I am off to get my car washed!!


I would love to hear what is on your list!!
Leave your comments below!!

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