What is Niggling at You?

What are you tolerating? There are so many things in life that we are tolerating – things that annoy us constantly but we just keep on ignoring them.

What you may or may not realise is that all of these little things that we are tolerating eat up our creativity and are sapping our energy!

One of the things I am tolerating is a dusty car.  Every day when I get in it I always berate myself for not having been to the car place to have it cleaned.  I even get car envy when I look at someone else’s beautifully washed car.  I keep saying that I will get it done tomorrow, or when I drive past the car place I am in a hurry to be somewhere else, or I have people in the car with me – there is always an excuse.

That is just one little thing – we literally have tens, if not hundreds of these little things that niggle away at our brain space.

They can be little things, like my car or fixing the hem on a pair of trousers, cleaning out ‘that’ drawer (you know the one I am talking about) – or they can be big things that if we do not get them taken care of, could have a significant impact on our quality or experience of life – getting the noise checked in our car, getting our finances organised and our taxes paid.

What are those things that are niggling at you? I invite you to take 10-15 minutes today to write down the things that have been taking up your brain space, and then start to work at getting some of them off your list.

Some will take minutes to complete, others a bit, or maybe a lot, longer.  I guarantee you this though, once you start working on your list you are going to feel lighter and maybe even have a renewed sense of energy.

While you write your list, I am off to get my car washed!!


I would love to hear what is on your list!!
Leave your comments below!!

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  1. Enjoyed your article, Stacey! Now that you’ve brought niggling to my attention, it seems I also have a list. For sure #1 is organizing my closet! Then it would be cleaning up the stuff under my bed! I think there’s a family of dust bunnies! LOL! Thanks for the smile and reminder!

  2. niggle niggle niggle! love the term! Me, I clean up my desk, and moments later, it’s messed! I think I need to accept that as long as I’m working at it, it has to be a bit disorganized… clear it at the end of the day instead and my niggle goes away!! great job!

  3. You are sooo right Stacey! Just this morning I cleaned up a drawer before I jumped into the shower and I was amazed about the time it took..now it’s done and it feels good. Just a few little things a day would bring so much more organization into our life.

    1. I completely agree. I a lot of the things that need taking care of are not things that would take a lot of time. And we do feel so much better for it!

  4. I need to catch up on my baby’s book before I forget every new accomplishment. Work on photo albums, organize my desk, bath my dogs, fold laundry and my list could go on and on.

    1. Lori, that baby book sounds like fun to do, some of the others not so much – but you will feel great afterwards!

  5. I am currently de junking. It has been on my mind for a while. The more closets I go through the more energy I have to do the next one! It feels amazing checking things off my list.
    Now I know how Santa feels!

    1. I know – I did a big clear out about 2 weeks ago and when I look around I feel so much better for it!

  6. Niggling things…yes, it seems to take more energy to keep those things in the back of our minds than to just take care of them, right away…lol…for me, it is the piles of paper that seem to breed on my desk. I clean them up and lo and behold, two days later, more paper…thanks for the reminder!! : D

  7. My most enjoyable way to start each day is with little organizing – whether loading the dishwasher, folding the towels, shining up the stainless steel refrigerator doors (I did that one this morning), these moments seem to ground me. I never understood why til I read your post. I sometimes fell into berating myself for “frittering away” my time doing these trivial tasks before realizing that in fact, feeling so good about doing them meant that I was taking care of a need within myself to put these little symbolic things in order…where somewhere inside myself, I had a deeper knowing that folding together the laundry would unfold into bigger things in my life. Thank you for this post.

  8. I’m with you on the dirty car! Mine is dusty and has two blobs of bird poop on it that is driving me NUTS, but I can’t find time to get it to the carwash! The other thing is my exercise routine…it has gone by the way side lately.

    1. Oh, my – mine has some bird poop as well. I thought that was too much disclosure – but as you have been brave – so will I!

  9. Love your post. Definitely have been “niggling” a few things — the biggest is simply decluttering — one room at a time. I need to break it down and just do a little at a time..I’m going to set the timer and go to it! Appreciate this post!

  10. LOVE THIS! I have a “dump book” I keep on my night stand. When I would go to “sleep” I would really go to think, about each and everything I didn’t get done today and everything I needed to get done tomorrow! Now I “dump” it all and sleep sweetly, knowing it will still be there in the morning!

  11. Wow! This article sure hit home for me! Starting my list with a vow to follow your advice and begin checking them off! I already feel lighter knowing I have a plan to shed these little monkeys around my neck!! Thanks!!!

  12. Love your 10-15 minute tip to helping my day move smoother along. Thanks for sharing Stacey. So less is best!

  13. Great article, Stacey! Love the word niggle. You are so right, there are so many things that take up our brain space, that it is so important to get them done and out of there 😉 Thanks for sharing your great wisdom!

  14. I can so relate to this post, Stacey. I have a long list of little things that are just eating away at me. Most of them are little things I need to get done in my house, or even just a little bit of time for myself. I’m always putting work and everyone else’s needs before mine. I bet I’d be a lot less stressed if I wouldn’t keep letting these things hang there. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Stacey, thanks for such a great article! I love the title. My list seems to be long but when I write it down out of my head then it seems much easier to manage. I have a brain dump notebook and a my recorder on my night stand. That is when it is the worst because I am afraid I will forget it the morning. This helps to clear the clutter out of my head so I can get some rest. Thanks for helping break this down in bite sized chunks.

  16. Love the title of this post, it made me very curious. Great content too ~ I definitely have a long list of niggles and really like the idea of getting them off my chest and on to a list so I can start eliminating them! Thanks for the push and my car is on the list too.

  17. I need to clean our garage floor. The weather has been too hot here in the desert, but it’s cooling down now, so I need to become best friends with a broom, a mop, and a bucket of water for a few hours. I am picturing how the garage will floor will look after my loving attention, and that is motivating me to do something soon.

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