Reposting on Instragram

Reposting on InstagramReposting on Instagram

As someone that always likes to share other people’s great content I found it quite restrictive on Instagram, that it wasn’t possible to easily do that.

Before they created ‘an app for that’ I would have to take a screen shot and then crop it.  Then post it and make sure that I gave credit to the person that originally posted it.

Well, now there is ‘an app for that’! Quite a few of them actually.

I have been trying out two different ones:

Repost for Instagram and Repost and Regram (these are links to the apps on iTunes)

Reposting on  Instagram

Both are free and have various features that I talk through on show #14.

Are you using an app to repost on Instragram? Which one are you using? Also, if I’m not following you on Instragram leave your username as well and I will come and find you.  My username is: @staceylmyers.


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