Reset button 3d


I keep hearing the word reset.  ‘We are resetting and starting again’. ‘We need to re-evaluate what we are doing and reset’.

I was having a think about this Reset concept and likening it to drawing a line in the sand. Putting behind us all that has happened previously and starting again.

I have decided to jump on the RESET bandwagon and conduct a reset in my business.

A lot has been going on the last few months and I can really feel that it has taken its toll on the momentum in my business.

My website was hacked and so there was some downtime with that.  I have since moved all of my hosting to MomWebs.  Their tech support is amazing and I would highly recommend you check them out.

I changed my autoresponder provider and there seemed to be quite a few problems with that.

Lastly, I moved my membership program to a new membership site and it has also been a bit of an adventure – to say the least!

All of those thing combined really had an impact on the day to day running of my business.  Blogging, which we know is the cornerstone of our online business, suffered a lot.

On The Bright Side

I was running a 3 month program while all of this was going on which was really great fun!  A fantastic group of people!  It was the pilot of my new SLAP training where I get to give your business a ‘Stacey SLAP'.  We looked at Social Marketing, List Building, Authority and Products. The key components I feel every business should have in place for optimum success.

I loved teaching that course and will be running it again soon.

Upon Reflection

I have been reflecting on various areas of my business.  All the parts that are doing really well, I am taking them forward with me.  The parts of my business that don't inspire me, produce results or were just not working I am going to leave behind.

I initially have a few areas to focus on:

  • Blogging – getting the consistency back in that
  • Emailing – rebuilding the relationship with the people in my community as with the moving of my list I have not emailed in a while
  • Social Media – again, consistency is key
  • Google Hangouts/ YouTube – I have been learning a lot about these and am going to start using them more in my business.

The other project I am taking on is a personal lifestyle blog – you will find it over at – where I will be talking about a whole range of topics (more on that later). If you look at it now (when this post was written) you will see it is just brand new, with WordPress freshly installed.

As well as using it as a personal blog, I am also going to document the process of setting the site up from scratch.  I will be using using it as a teaching tool but also to build up the number of videos I have on my YouTube channel.

I am very excited about getting started on all of this and getting the momentum back!

Is there any area of your business you want to press the RESET button on?