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I keep hearing the word reset.  ‘We are resetting and starting again’. ‘We need to re-evaluate what we are doing and reset’.

I was having a think about this Reset concept and likening it to drawing a line in the sand. Putting behind us all that has happened previously and starting again.

I have decided to jump on the RESET bandwagon and conduct a reset in my business.

A lot has been going on the last few months and I can really feel that it has taken its toll on the momentum in my business.

My website was hacked and so there was some downtime with that.  I have since moved all of my hosting to MomWebs.  Their tech support is amazing and I would highly recommend you check them out.

I changed my autoresponder provider and there seemed to be quite a few problems with that.

Lastly, I moved my membership program to a new membership site and it has also been a bit of an adventure – to say the least!

All of those thing combined really had an impact on the day to day running of my business.  Blogging, which we know is the cornerstone of our online business, suffered a lot.

On The Bright Side

I was running a 3 month program while all of this was going on which was really great fun!  A fantastic group of people!  It was the pilot of my new SLAP training where I get to give your business a ‘Stacey SLAP'.  We looked at Social Marketing, List Building, Authority and Products. The key components I feel every business should have in place for optimum success.

I loved teaching that course and will be running it again soon.

Upon Reflection

I have been reflecting on various areas of my business.  All the parts that are doing really well, I am taking them forward with me.  The parts of my business that don't inspire me, produce results or were just not working I am going to leave behind.

I initially have a few areas to focus on:

  • Blogging – getting the consistency back in that
  • Emailing – rebuilding the relationship with the people in my community as with the moving of my list I have not emailed in a while
  • Social Media – again, consistency is key
  • Google Hangouts/ YouTube – I have been learning a lot about these and am going to start using them more in my business.

The other project I am taking on is a personal lifestyle blog – you will find it over at – where I will be talking about a whole range of topics (more on that later). If you look at it now (when this post was written) you will see it is just brand new, with WordPress freshly installed.

As well as using it as a personal blog, I am also going to document the process of setting the site up from scratch.  I will be using using it as a teaching tool but also to build up the number of videos I have on my YouTube channel.

I am very excited about getting started on all of this and getting the momentum back!

Is there any area of your business you want to press the RESET button on?


About the author 

Stacey Myers

Coaching entrepreneurial women who have decided that mediocrity is no longer an option. From ordinary to extraordinary.

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  1. I love that ‘SLAP’ concept! What a fabulous and appropriate title for it. Wishing you well as you work through your Reset. I’m looking forward to coming back and hearing how it’s all going.

  2. I definitely need to set the reset button in my writing business. I have sort of been neglecting it for my review/giveaway site so I am not doing my full potential. But, with Christmas on the way I have to get my butt in gear soon.

    1. We can always do with kicking ourselves in the butt a bit! It is easy to get distracted with new things that come along as well – that take our time away from our initial project. Best of luck with it all!

  3. It really is easy to get overwhelmed with things and I’ve found that running my own business means it’s up to me to know when I need to reevaluate certain aspects of it! Thanks for the tips!

    1. My pleasure! Yes, as we don’t have someone looking over our shoulders telling us what to do and when to do it. Overwhelm is a massive concern for business owners. Especially when starting out as we are all things in the business – accountant, marketing person, writer, etc.

  4. Aaggh! Oh my gosh, yes! Reset. Everything. This is where I am at right now. I have fallen in love with blogging, and now want to revamp my website, possibly start up an online magazine, and have been thinking of transferring my blog from blogger to WP. My head is wrecked with trying to decide. There is lots of word out there on the web that WP is THE place to be, but I have recently encountered some posts from people directing others away from WP due to the non-ease of use and update issues. Anyone else have any advice to share?

    1. LOL! Sounds like you have had a lot of thinking going on! I agree that WP is the place to be. WP is so easy to use it is ridiculous. I personally have not had any problems with updates. What exactly were they referring to with that?

      1. I’ve read a lot about some updates not doing so in a smooth fashion, causing ‘breaks’ to the site, etc. So you do really feel that WP is easy to use, that’s good news! May I ask why you may recommend it over Blogger?

        1. I do feel that WordPress is easy to use! I teach people how to set up a WordPress site in one day. If it wasn’t easy to use that wouldn’t be possible. I have had ‘techno-phobe’ ladies in their 60’s putting together WordPress sites.

          I think it is always better to own as much of your real estate as possible. With a self hosted WordPress site you have more control over what it looks like, the plugins you can use and what you can actually do with the site. I also think as a business it look more professional to have your own website and not be on one of the blogging platforms. They are just a few reasons I can think of straight away.

          Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. oh i pushed the “reset” button on my blog a while ago. last year? was sick of the crap it was full of. paid posts, paid links, etc. it all went BUH BYE!! made me feel better.

  6. I love SLAP – it’s so clever. Sorry to hear about the hacking, but that you’ve solved the problem and moved on with this interesting program!

  7. I need to push my reset button sometimes. Anyway, thanks GOD you are now doing good. It is hard to have a blog being hacked. I hate those hackers and glad that you finally found a reliable host.

  8. I just love this post… I am feeling inspired to reset too! I need it! I’ve literally had one of the worst weeks when it comes to my website… to many issues to list. RESET!

      1. Thanks, I am going to try 😉

        Actually no, its not quite sorted out … but I am trying to adjust to the decision I had to make as a result of the issue. So, that is why I need to reset! Thanks for your support 😉

  9. I definitely hear you about needing to reset. Blogging isn’t easy. I need to get on a schedule myself especially with classes starting next week!

    1. Yes, consistency is key. Plus the more consistent you are the more momentum you build and the better you feel about everything. Which in turn has you be more consistent and around it goes again.

  10. There are areas in business and life I need to set the reset button on. In my blogging I need to set the reset button on my general focus – it needs to be more defined. To start, I need to reorganize my landing page and get some visual content flow and direction. That is my major goal right now. Consistency is next, and planning a daily calendar will help with that. Two major steps – I think that’s enough for my Reset right now.

    1. I think that is enough, indeed! I daily calendar is a really good idea. Defined is good as well. I think having the calendar helps us focus in on what to post about and have it set out in advance instead of just posting about anything just so there is something up there.

  11. I have been thinking about doing a complete reset on my blog too.. I need to sit back and re-evaluate things and see what I need to make a priorty to make a change and start from again.. with a new and clear mindset.. thank you so much…

    1. My pleasure! I feel reinvigorated with everything now – excited to get moving. I think setting a few clear places to focus is very important as trying to focus on everything all at once can feel very overwhelming.

  12. Love this post! I am doing a RESET on y blogging since school just started back this week. I need to get back into the swing of things

  13. i set reset in jan of 2013 — i’m finishing mine. i realized i had to take the plunge and reset my brand to what it was shaped to be and not what i’d thought it was going to be when i started. it’s been great. not without bumps but that’s life!

    1. I think it is great that we can do that – reassess our businesses. My business now is very different to what it was when I first came online – that is for sure! Are you pleased with where you are now – bumpy road and all?

  14. Stacey, lovely post and a gentle reminder that we all benefit from a “reset” button in our lives and businesses. The last 6 months have been intense for me in both arenas as well and like you I’m taking the end of the year to focus on what is working.
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments! I always wonder how you find the energy to get so much done!

  15. I’ve been working on moving my site. When Host Gator migrated the files to their new server they didn’t migrate everything. Now when we tried to move it elements weren’t showing up. I think I’m just going to have to rebuild it. I’ve been busy launching two new online courses so I haven’t tackled it yet:)

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