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Have you heard of  You may have seen it and not known what it was.  Have you seen these posts on Twitter? This is an automatically generated tweet that goes out notifitying me that someone has included my in one of their editions.

When I click on the link and go to see what it is that he shared, it looks like this. This is what a tweet shared looks like.  If it was a blog post then you would see an image or an image with a summary.

Paper li

So, what is is a content curation service that let's you turn socially shared content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters. But more than that it's an easy to use, powerful tool that helps you save time by surfacing content (blogs, articles, sites, video,images) and people who are interested in the same topics that you are!

It is a really great content creation tool.  You can pull content from anywhere you want and have it appear in your paper.

This is a Google hangout that I did with Carol Bremner who has been having some good success with publishing papers.

This video is longer than my usual short ones.  I watch a lot of videos and find it handy to use the video speed setting options in YouTube.  Click on the little cog wheel to the right on the video toolbar and find ‘speed'.  Click on that and you can watch the video up to two times faster.  I have definitely found this handy when watching videos. 

What topic could you do a paper about? Comment below.

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