Social Marketing Smarty Pants #3: Karon Thackston

Copywriter and Consultant: Karon Thackston

My guest today is Karon Thackston of Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting and consulting agency specializing in conversion and search engine copywriting.

Listen as Karon talks about writing website copy and her new course “Writing With Keywords”.

Here are some of the topics Karon and I cover in today’s show:

• What Google’s Hummingbird update means to us and how Google is interpreting keywords differently

• Tips for optimizing our copy for keywords

• Elements that go into how a page ranks on Google

• What Google ignores and how you can benefit from it

• Seed keywords – what they are and how to use them

• Tips for writing more naturally

• SEO plugins

Karon Thackston’s goal is to easily break down how to use keywords for the search engines. You can learn more about Karon at

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