Social Media Sharing Options

Social Media Sharing Options

Sharing your blog posts and pages from your website is one of the best ways to get your content out to the masses.  It also gives other people an easy way of sharing your content if they find it useful or interesting.

There are many many plugins that you can use to share your content on social media.  I am going to share a few of the more popular ones with you.

WordPress plugins make this easier than ever and this is what I am going to focus on here.

One of the most popular ones is Sexy Bookmarks by Shareaholic. It is a plugin that makes it easy to share content across a variety of social and bookmarking sites.  You can choose from over 75 sites that you would like your visitors to share to. All they have to do is hover over the icon and then click. It also includes Facebook Like Button, Facebook Send and Google +.  Shareaholic also has counters for Twitter and Facebook. so you know how many times your content has been shared.

I did hear that the plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times.  Which would not surprise me, as it is on most of the blog sites that I visit.

Social Media Sharing Options

Another popular plugin is +addtoany.  It has a lot of the same options that Shareaholic but looks different.  It has a little bar that opens out when you put your mouse over it.  Again, all your visitors need to do is click on the site they would like to share it to.

Social Media Sharing Options

Another option is Sociable. Again, it is very similar to the previous two.   All of these have a lot of the same components.  It is generally personal choice that has people choose one over the other.  As I said previously, and you can see at the bottom of this post, that I use Shareaholic because I like its ease of use and look.

Social Media Sharing Options

TweetMeme is another popular plugin.  It easily allows your blog post or page to be retweeted.  It does not have any other options except to retweet to twitter. It is, however, very popular and you will notice that it is on a lot of sites.

Social Media Sharing Options

These are all options you can add to the visible (front end) of your website.  There are also many other tools you can use in the back end of your website to share your content.  I will be covering these over the next few weeks.

In the spirit of sharing content I would really appreciate it if you shared mine!

Stacey Myers is a coach, trainer and speaker in supporting people to get started fulfilling on their dreams.  Stacey loves giving people access to something else in life, something that may have been previously unimaginable.  She will help you overcome your mindset barriers so you too can feel the freedom of living your passion.


Would love to hear what you think? Please also tell us any other options you use to allow people to share content from your website.
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  1. Great, I love your social post. There are definitely many plugins for sharing your blogpost. Mu favorite yet is wibiya. It display at the bottom sharing links that can really help your blog post looking view. Since I first started using it, I got in love with the app. Check it out and reply to me.

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