Interview with Juan Felix

This is a new interview series that I have started  – where I interview people I feel are doing a great job on social media.

Let me tell you a bit about Juan Felix.

Juan Felix is the owner of Felix Relationship Marketing. His company offers smart marketing strategies, guided by creative ideas and measurable results. You can find links to Juan's social media accounts on his website.

Juan also works as Mari Smith‘s Chief Facebook Moderator.

I asked Juan what he thinks has had the biggest impact on building his social media presence.

He told me (amongst loads of other things) about:
  • The benefits of blogging
  • Why you should have a role model/mentor
  • The one thing Juan wishes he had in place right from the start of his business.

Juan's key takeaways – Do it step by step! Never give up!

The ones that are successful are the ones that did not give up!

Thank you so much Juan for spending the time with us!!

If you have any questions for Juan, please leave them in the comments box below.

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