How to Write a Welcome Email

How to Write a Welcome Email

As part of the Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables blog tour I had the opportunity to interview some great people on topics related to building a list.

Today, in case you missed it, I am sharing a short interview I had with Kate Barrett from Shine a Light Media.  She is an email marketing expert and, as you will see in the video, she is very passionate about email marketing.  We talked about, in particular, the first email people receive when they sign up for your list – the welcome email.  This is probably the most important email you ever send.

Here are a few things you want to make sure are included in your welcome email:
  • Welcome them and thank them for signing up for whatever it was they signed up for.
  • Remind them what they signed up for and why it is great that they did.
  • Tell them how to access the information they requested.
  • Give them your email address so they know where to go if they have any questions.
  • Let them know what is going to happen next – are they going to receive a weekly email or a monthly newsletter?

If you would like to learn more about building your list be sure to check out our kindle latest book: Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables.

What are you including in your welcome email?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

List Building Tips and Strategies

List Building Tips and Strategies

List Building Tips and Strategies

List Building Tips and Strategies

We have been off on a blog tour to celebrate the launch of our new book ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables‘. What fun we have had.  Thank you so much if you have been following along with the tour.  I bet you have learned loads along the way.

On a blog tour you visit different blogs over a period of time.  It might be every day for a week, or once a week for a month.  The Build Your List with 30 Daily Doablesconcept of the 30 daily doables books is that each of the doables is a bite size chunk of information that is easily acted upon.  For our blog tour we are taking a different doable to a different blog each day for 30 days. Today is day 10. You can read more about the blog tour and check each day where the new blog is on the Information Page.

Blog tours aren't that difficult to organise.  They do take some planning though.  For a week blog tour you need to find 5-7 bloggers in your niche that are happy to host you along the way.  Ours took a bit more organisation as we are coordinating with 30 different bloggers.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the blog host.  I have completely put each of the blog posts together, with the images and everything.  I then emailed the blog hosts the html code from inside WordPress.  All they then need to do is copy that into their site and publish it.

Blog tours are great for exposure, as my book and I are introduced to different audiences along the way.

The other great thing is that some of the blog hosts have donated prizes so we have been able to run a contest as well. (Make sure you enter below!)

Listly is a great resource for lists and we set up a list of all the blogs that we visit.  It gets added to each day. These are our stops so far.

[listly id=”dbn” layout=”gallery” show_header=”true” show_author=”true” show_sharing=”true” show_tools=”true” per_page=”25″]

We also have some bonuses for people that buy the book while the tour is on.  One is a 4 hour list building workshop where we pull together everything that has been covered on the tour and an interview I am hosting with Kate Barret – who is an email marketing specialist. You receive all of that for purchasing a $2.99 ebook that will support you in building your list.

To find out more about that visit our Build Your List Launch Page. I look forward to seeing you on the blog tour!

What strategies are you using to build your list?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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