How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Uploading a Video to YouTube

YouTube is a great place to get yourself extra exposure. I am excited to say that I am almost at 10 000 views. Video is a great way of getting related to people that isn't possible when reading a blog. I know that when I read an article from someone that I either listen to their podcast or watch some of their videos, it is almost like I can hear them reading it. People get to see more of who we are as a person, how we hold ourselves and interact.

If you haven't been using YouTube or aren't sure how to get your videos on there, this video will help you out. It only takes a couple of minutes to get a video up on YouTube.

Are you using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy? I would love to hear how that is going for you. Leave your comments below.



How to Add a Video to a Pinterest Board

How to Add a Video to a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a great source of traffic for both your blog and your YouTube channel. This means it is a great place to add your content for more people to see it.

There are 2 ways to have people watch one of your videos from Pinterest:

1. To have embedded the video into your blog and then to share your blog post image on a Pinterest Board

2. To have the video play directly in Pinterest.  In this video I show you how to do that. People can actually watch the video in Pinterest without having to leave.  The only thing to note when doing it this way is that the link will take people to your YouTube channel not to your blog.  So, if the main aim is to get people to your blog you will want to use the first option I mentioned.

Are you sharing your videos on Pinterest?  I will love to hear your results.  Leave them in the comments below.