The 3 Shifts You Need to Make to Create Inevitable Success
in Your Business

...without being stopped by self doubt, overwhelm or fear.


1:00pm ET

In this training you will learn:

Why Working Harder Is Never The Answer

Stop telling yourself you're lazy or that there’s something wrong with you because you’re not getting the results you want. And, no… you don’t just need to work harder. Instead, I'm going to help you transform your thinking and easily achieve better results.

The Backward Approach To Creating Success In Your Business

You think you have to follow a certain path to achieve business success. The truth is, that's the kind of thinking that's holding you back. In this training, I'll show you the counterintuitive approach that always works.

How To Take Action Even When You Aren't Feeling Motivated

Sitting around and waiting for inspiration to strike is what's killing your business dreams. Successful business women never depend on feeling motivated to take action. Instead, they know that taking action is all about deciding between three simple options.


Hi! I'm Stacey

I coach business women to match their inside goals with their outside actions, to follow through on their plans. My clients have started businesses, published books, landed dream clients, discovered confidence they didn't know they had... and it all started with the information I share in this webinar.

Priscilla went from victim to victorious!

I was hoping to achieve peace of mind from my chaotic thoughts.

A major insight I had was learning to know the difference between facts, thoughts and emotions. Stacey pointed out that the way I worded my sentences, was me thinking of myself as a victim. That came as a surprise to me. In the last session, Stacey helped me become aware (through her example of learning to love those who had caused her pain) that it was possible for me. In addition, I learned that we cannot expect everyone to think the same as we do.

Sometimes the coaching was tough. Stacey is a straight shooter and, at times, I found it difficult to accept what she was saying. In fact, I was going to quit before the last two sessions. And yet, something made me continue, as I felt that I was progressing in baby steps. I think that by the second last session, I had stopped arguing - not sure if that is what she saw in me. Best decision I took was to start this coaching and continue till the end.

Watch out, as Stacey is going to change your life for the better, although you might not notice it at first, especially if you are as stubborn headed as me. She will change you from victim to victorious.

- Priscilla GOmes