What the Tweet! Special Group

What to Tweet? Short is Sweet!

What the Tweet! Special Group

I have a special opportunity I want to share with you. This is only available to people that are participating in the Daily Doable training – as you have already shown me that you are serious about transforming your online presence.

For a fantastic rate, I am inviting 25 people to be part of an introductory group for this advanced Twitter training.
The Daily Doable training has only scratched the surface of what is possible on Twitter.
Some of the topics in the advanced training include:
  • setting up RSS feeds to make finding and posting quality content easier (You can even set them up to automatically post when there is new content),
  • how to set up a weekly/monthly posting schedule and how to post months in advance,
  • sending twitter traffic to your blog and other social media sites,
  • advanced Hootsuite training, and
  • tracking your statistics so you can see the progress you are making.
So many great things have happened for me from using Twitter and I want to make that available to you. Some of the opportunities have been: 
  •  invitations for joint venture partnerships,
  •  interview opportunities,
  •  reaching out and connecting with people to be guests on my upcoming podcast show, and
  •  creating strategic alliances and partnerships with people where we share each other's content.
Sometimes when you have been doing something for a while it is easy to forget what it was actually like when you first started out. My intention is to make this the best Twitter training out there and with your assistance I know this is completely possible, as you will be able to let me know exactly what you want to learn or are struggling with and I will make sure to put that in the program.
The first 25 people to grab the opportunity to work with me on this will receive:
  • the finished Twitter Training (worth $97) product,
  • plus, 3 months in a private Facebook group with myself and the other participants. Here, I will answer all of your Twitter questions and set up 'Amplification Days' where we promote out each other's Twitter accounts, to expand your reach and following (Priceless), and
  • Have a private 30 minute call with me, to be taken within the 3 month period, to really skyrocket your Twitter presence (Worth $62.50).
What I will expect from you:
  • Support in putting the training together – your ideas, feedback and a review of the program at the end.
I am offering you the program, 3 months in a private Facebook group and a 30 minute private consultation with me for the price of the finished Twitter training product. 

Yes, you will receive the training program plus the brilliant bonuses for an investment of $97.  Click here to secure your place!!

I am so excited as I know, over the next 3 months, we are going to create some amazing things! As well as the Twitter program, we are going to develop some great relationships, learn loads more about Twitter (yes, I will be learning also!), have some fun and grow your Twitter presence.

I would love to work with you for the next 3 months. I am expecting this to fill quite quickly so you will want to act fast.

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