Discover the ONE action that creates UNSHAKEABLE
self confidence.

Even if:
 - you are more worried about what other people think, than getting out there and marketing your business;

 - you keep looking to other people to tell you the next step or the 'right' way to do it;

 - you just can't decide what to do next - so sometimes you don't do anything; or

  - you think other people were just born with confidence and somehow you missed out, and this is just who you are and there is nothing you can do about it.

In this wORKSHOP

You'll learn...

where confidence comes from.  I bet its not where you think. 

why you are always looking outside of yourself for answers or the next steps.

the role self confidence plays in your ability to make decisions.

I coach smart women to smash their audacious goals. My clients have started businesses, published books, landed dream jobs, taken control of what happens at work... and all they had to do was take the first step.

Reserve your seat now and watch the video training that will radically change the way you think about yourself...

I'm a whole different person!

My ultimate goal with coaching was to have thicker skin and more control of my thoughts. My life changed significantly! I unlocked my potential and truly advanced in many areas of my life. What was truly eye opening was understanding that I am responsible for how I feel. Coaching with you was AMAZING! Words can’t do you justice.

- Abrar Alqaryuti

It's made a big difference!

Stacey’s program has helped me tremendously. It was feeling discouraged in a new project (comparing myself to the teacher and how I was behind and not doing very well), which caused me to not take any action and therefore not do well..

When I took Stacey’s program, I realised I could think something different. I could think, ‘Well, I am just learning this.’ Then I could give myself time and space emotionally to go for it. Take my time, ease into it and make adjustments for myself, because I was just learning. Then I was learning, producing and making progress. It has made a big difference in what I am doing.

- Deborah Witherell