Using RSS Feeds for Content Curation

Some people say RSS feeds for blogs are going a bit out of fashion, but I still make use of them every single day for both submittingUsing RSS feeds for content curation and receiving information.  If you aren't sure what RSS is it stands for Rich Site Summary but a lot of people say it stands for Real Simple Syndication.

In show #10 I go into more detail about what RSS feeds are and how you can use them to help you with content curation – finding great content to share with your readers.

The RSS feed reader I use is Feedly.  The main thing I like about Feedly is that it is available on a variety of platforms – there is a web version of it and it is also available as an app on your phone.

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Are you using RSS for content curation?  If so, which feed reader are you using?  Leave you answers in the comments section below.



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