Using Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for Business

Twitter would have to be one of my favourite, if not my favourite, social platform.  I think a lot of people miss out on the benefits of Twitter, as it is a bit of a learning curve when you start out.  It is a lot easier to start a Facebook page, than get started on Twitter, because most people are already familiar with the look and feel of Facebook.

It is well worth the time it takes to learn to use Twitter.

Here are a few reasons why I really like it:

  • I get more than 2 times the traffic to my blog from Twitter, than I do from Facebook.
  • More of my clients find me on Twitter.
  • I find building relationships and starting conversations easier on Twitter.  Facebook is great for people you already know – but in business we are always looking for new people to meet.
  • You can automate more of what goes out onto Twitter.  Don’t get me wrong, you still need to show up live to actually connect with people, but scheduling out past posts, for example, is a great way to get more traffic to you website.

Using Twitter lists makes working on Twitter a easier.  It helps cut out a lot of the noise.  If you are not using them already this video will walk you through how to set them up.

I rate Twitter so much, (and know how much it can benefit your business), I held a 4 hour workshop on it.

What to Tweet Short is Sweet

This workshop is for you if you are new to Twitter or have been on Twitter for a while but not getting the results you want. It goes from setting up your account to building relationships with people you are not already connected with to scheduling posts to using analytics to tweak your Twitter strategy. Everything you need is covered.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


63 responses to “Using Twitter for Business”

  1. I’m really bad at Twitter 😀 Mostly just tweet about new posts on my blog, but still get some traffic from it. I had no idea you could create lists in Twitter. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is my pleasure. Twitter is such a great resource for our business. I want to see more people using it.

  2. I like twitter to. However, GA shows most of my traffic comes in from Facebook.

    1. Have you tried increasing your activity to gain more traffic?

  3. I’ll have to start using it more, I know it’s important, but I need a ‘kick’ to get started with itt 🙂

    1. One you get started I am sure you will enjoy it and reap the benefit. If you have any questions do ask.

  4. Thanks for this. I’m not very twitter savvy. I am pinning this to watch the video later.

    We Three Crabs

    1. Thanks Erica. I do have some more Twitter videos on my YouTube channel if you wanted to learn more things.

  5. I don’t get many visitors from twitter. I guess I need to learn how to make it work for me!

  6. I am just starting to pick up more visitors from twitter.
    Baby steps right!
    I never knew about twitter lists before!
    Off to explore!

  7. I’ve really gotta work harder on fixing up my Twitter. I need more followers! lol

  8. I can always appreciate some great Twitter advice! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Anytime! If you ever have any Twitter questions, just ask.

  9. I definitely agree with you. I love Twitter and interact a lot more with my fans on Twitter than I do on FB. As a matter of fact I very rarely use FB now. Twitter just seems to be the better social media platform for me.

    1. Yes, I find it more enjoyable that FB. There is more interaction and I can see more results from the time invested.

  10. I have no idea that we can do so much in Twitter than Facebook! I am not very good yet in Twitter, hope to learn more to gain followers and traffic.

  11. I kind of see my blogging as a business and I agree: I’ve gained alot of new readership and traffic through tweets and retweets, etc. Somehow, it’s a more open social media space than FB

    1. I think it is a much friendlier place that FB. I have made many contacts on Twitter.

  12. I have started using twitter more, but I know I have to use it even more than I am now. It is essential for my business, thanks for the great tips.

    1. My pleasure. It is a great tool for your business.

  13. I have read that twitter is a great traffic booster. Must spend a little more time on it.

  14. I also need to spend more time on Twitter promoting my site.

  15. I love twitter – I think I joined a few months after it was created. It’s one of the best social platforms out there.

    1. It is indeed! I just wish more people realised the potential of it.

  16. I have just recently started using Twitter a LOT more. I never paid it much attention before, but am really loving it now!

    1. That is really great to hear!

  17. I agree that Twitter is a great social platform. It is a great source of traffic for my blog and a great place to get quick feedback and opinions on topics of interest.

    1. I completely agree, Janeane! I get the most traffic from Twitter, but am also doing more with Pinterest as they say that is also a great source of traffic.

  18. I use Twitter for every post I do on my blog. I have started testing out hashtags recently.

    1. That is great to hear, Robyn. Hashtags can help a lot!

  19. I haven’t learned that much about twitter. A lot of friends told me how powerful it is. I know it’s true but I’m not hooked up yet, thanks to your tutorial, I’m learning the ropes little by little. 🙂

    1. You may never be hooked but at least with some more information about it under your belt you can use it to support your business.

  20. This sounds like an awesome course to take! Twitter is one layer of social media that we should not overlook. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure, Rhonda. Once people get the hang of Twitter it is actually quite easy to use.

  21. For me, Twitter doesn’t translate to huge amounts of traffic but then again, maybe I’m just not devoting the time to it.

    1. It depends how you are using it – I autoschedule out past blog posts and that is one of the ways I get more traffic to my site. Quite often old posts just sit on our websites and after the initial promotion noone really sees them again. This way they keep getting read over and over again. It does depend on the topic of your blog, though, most of my information is evergreen (unless the platform) changes. But if all your information is time sensitive then you might want to create a category you could send out that had always relevant information.

  22. Twitter is my favorite social network, too! And the one I’ve been using the longest (5+ years).

    1. I am really pleased to hear that Mariana!

  23. This is sort of enlightening.. I’m so horribly lazy at using Twitter and it seems like I’m missing out on quite the opportunity. 🙁

    1. Yes, Twitter is a tool that a lot of people are missing out on.

  24. The first thing I did after reading this was bookmarking this blog post. I have been so confused using twitter and I have been invited to twitter parties and I don’t know how to maneuver around. I appreciate all your tips and advice.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Adrianne! I post quite a bit about Twitter. You can also find some Twitter videos on my YouTube channel –
      If you have any questions, or a video in particular you want me to make, just ask.

  25. Wow I didn’t know on twitter you could make list.. I always just tweet new post thank you for the info and I may just have to contact you for that twitter workshop to learn more…

    1. Carmen – Twitter really is a great tool for business. Feel free to contact me. I special is ending today but the course is available at any time. If you have any questions, just ask!

  26. I really need to spend more time on Twitter, I hear sooo many people talk about it, but I just can’t get into it.. I’m a Pinterest or facebook kind of gal, but getting my feet wet on Twitter.. one tweet at a time

    1. That is great to hear. Once you get used to Twitter you will love it.

  27. I need to go and spend a million hours updating my twitter lists and using them more efficiently!

    1. It is the one thing I wish I had known about from the start. Having those in order makes a huge difference.

  28. Wow, I had no idea! I have saved this post so that I can work on implementing this into my daily routine! Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information for those of us who do not know!

    1. Cindy – it is my pleasure. I am so pleased you found it useful!

  29. Nice post…. I need to do more on Twitter!

    1. You will notice a difference in your traffic if you post your blogs up on Twitter.

  30. Twitter is a huge deal for me. Love it. Kind of fun to only use 140 characters. Challenging!

  31. I really enjoy Twitter! I need to get better at it, though, for my blogging! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. It is my pleasure! Like I talked about – it is a great way to get traffic to your blog.

  32. Twitter is pretty awesome, but I’m still learning how to use it. I’m still trying to make sure I remember to use hashtags with every post.

    1. Yes, hashtags can be used as a great way for people to find you. I don’t use them in every post though.

  33. Twitter is something I’m slowly learning. But its still hard to get interaction with my followers.

    1. It takes time – just like everything else but the more you reach out to people the more interaction you will get.

  34. I use twitter everyday! : )

    1. That is good to hear!

  35. It is definitely worth learning how to use Twitter for business, I agree, I get a significant amount of blog hits from my tweets.

  36. I am a huge twitter fan too but I feel like a lot of the information on the site gets away from me because content moves through the site so fast.

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