What To Do When You Have Had Enough



Overwhelm happens to everyone.  I was with a coaching client today putting structures into place for him to deal with his overwhelm.  He had just allowed everything to get on top of him.  Who can relate to that?

He had let the problem get way out of hand and was having panic attacks thinking of all the things he needed to get done that weren't getting done.  And the more you think like that the worse it gets!

One of the biggest things that had stopped him asking for support previously was that he felt that he should be able to have it all handled by himself. That there was something wrong in asking for help.

Where in your life could you do with some support but you just struggle along by yourself instead?

I have always been one that did things for myself, never needing anybody else.  Sometimes even making things more difficult for myself, just to prove to myself and everyone else that I didn't need them and could manage just fine alone.

It has really only been in the last few years that I have opened myself up to the generous contribution that other people can be to me – and me to them.

It can make all the difference having someone to talk things through with, to admit that maybe you would like a bit of support.

The other big thing I found was that when I was being vulnerable with other people it allowed them to be vulnerable with me.  Not many people want to admit so someone that appears to have it all together that they don't have it all handled.  So, by just doing that, my relationships with my friends and family have deepened and we have more open communication about what is really going on in our lives.

Who in your life are you going to be vulnerable with?  You could share something you are dealing with or ask for support in an area of your life.  Write in the comment section who you are going to talk to this week.

Stacey Myers is a coach, trainer and speaker in supporting people to get started fulfilling on their dreams.  Stacey loves giving people access to something else in life, something that may have been previously unimaginable.  She will help you overcome your mindset barriers so you too can feel the freedom of living your passion.


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