Little dogs in the park

Which Dog Are You?

I went to my local park yesterday for a walk and to sit outside and read a book.  My local park is quite big and when I arrived there I realised every man and his dog (literally) had thought it was a great day to go to the park. There must have been about 70 dogs running around, not on leads, running amok.
I sat there sometimes smiling on the inside and other times actually laughing out loud at the shenanigans.  Some people have dogs that do not listen to them at all.  The owner would be standing there screaming at the top of their lungs as their dog runs off a long way in the opposite direction.
There was a lady screeching at her tiny little dog (that she had actually dressed in clothes) as it just ran further and further away. I have no idea go she was going to get the dog back if it wasn’t for the lovely man who hesitantly picked the dog up, ran about half way back towards her  and sent the dog in the right direction.  On further inspection I realised why she had just stood there screeching at the dog and not running after it.  She had come to the park (and you need to know it has barely stopped raining here the last two weeks) in a pair of stilettos. Unbelievable!!

They were the crazy dogs!

Then there were the dogs that were all prim and proper and walked around little puddles so as not to gets their feet wet. These dogs would never be seen running – how undignified!
The dogs that made me smile the most were the lunatic ones that couldn’t decide what they wanted to do and ran off after this dog and then found another one they wanted to chase and then found a ball to run after and never actually caught it as they were off just as quick in another direction after something else.
As I watched all the goings on I started thinking about how the dogs operate is how we operate in our business.
I can tell you I have been all of those little crazies at one time or another.  Getting distracted with all the shiny new ideas I have, being so focused and driven on a task that I was not willing to see that there are sometimes better ways to do it that the way I thought.  When I first started my business I operated alone and know how much more enjoyable and beneficial it is to surround myself with wonderful people.
The little dog I aspire to be is the one that is casually wandering along, aware of everything that is around him, keeping his finger on the pulse, but only stopping to spend any length of time on things that most take his interest. The one that is not scared to get a bit of mud on his paws.
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Which dog are you?  Let me know in the comment section below!     

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  1. Love your post Stacey! What a great comparison you’ve made. I’m the dog that gets distracted by the bright, shiny objects but then gets back on task exploring new areas and new toys.

  2. Its an amazing article.I love dogs and i have a dog same as showing in your article.I have take care about the food of my dog.I am agree with you and please add some more information about dog’s food.Thanks

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