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Why I Love WordPress and Why You Will Too

For those of you that have not yet been introduced to WordPress let me tell you a bit about it.
WordPress is a free to use web based software program, which can be used by anyone on the internet to build and maintain their website. is a very powerful tool that can be used to run a full-sized, social media-rich business website and at the same time is also a great way to start simple blogs related to your hobby or interests.
There is and – to understand the difference please refer to this article I have written previously.
These are some of the reasons I love WordPress:

I have complete control over it

If I want to add or change something on my site I can quickly and easily go in and do that. I don’t need to email my web person, wait for them to do it, have a look at it, see it is not exactly how I wanted it, email them again and then wait again and hope that it will be what I had asked for. I can go in, make a change, save it, and it is instantly visible on my website.

I don’t need a web guy (or gal) or graphic designer – 99% of the time

The 1% when you do need one is if there is something that you want your site to do or look like that you are not able to do yourself. I, personally, do not know code or any of that wonderful stuff that makes a website look like and function like it does. So, if there is something I want done on my site I can hire someone for an hour or two to have that done.
I can create a basic header (the part that runs across the top of your website with the title of the site) myself but I am by no means a wiz in photoshop. So, I paid someone to create my header and then just uploaded it to my site myself.

Easy to learn

WordPress is very easy to learn. I can hear people saying – ‘Oh yeah, you say that. It is easy for you to learn, not me, I barely know how to use a computer, let alone build a website’. You may be very surprised to know that it is actually quite simple. After a few hours of training you would be able to add a page or a blog post, use plugins (which right now you may not even know what they are – I will be explaining them further down), link to you facebook or twitter page, if you have one, and pretty much be self sufficient on your own website.

Cost effective

All you need to pay for is a domain name and hosting – which costs approximately $70 a year. If you would like more information on choosing a domain name and buying hosting I have a few articles and a video you can watch (it is all free) just click here.There are literally thousands of free plugins out there that you can use and there are a few that you might have to pay for. You do not need any of the one you need to pay for but as you progress there may be one or two that you would like to get.


So, what are these plugins that I keep mentioning. For me, a plugin to WordPress is what an app is to your phone. It increases the functionality, look and feel of the site. For example – I use a plug in to back up my site, I have plugins that create forms for me, plugins for people to share my content, the range of uses is infinite.
There is practically a limitless number of plugins that you can choose from.


The theme is what has your website look like it does. There are also thousands and thousands of themes to choose from. You can get free ones and there are also premium ones (ones that you pay for). You can get a pre designed theme for practically any industry you are in.

These are the main reasons I love WordPress.


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