WordPress is a free to use web based software program which can be used by anyone on the internet to build and maintain their website. One of the buggest challenges facing a person new to the world of WordPress is the difficulty to understand various terms that are used frequently.  So, firstly, we will cover some of the most common terms.

•    Theme: A theme in WordPress is a combination of images and set of code that helps create the layout of a WordPress site. In other words a theme is what you will use to design your website and other people will see.
•    Plugin: A WordPress Plugin is a program that helps adds a specific set of features or services to a WordPress site (a bit like an app on your phone).
•    Posts: Posts are the entries or blog content that gets displayed on your website or blog.

Now that we are clear with the basic terminologies related to WordPress, let’s move on to the actual topic of differentiating between the two services, and is free blogging software that is hosted at There are many themes to choose from but you cannot upload plugins. is hosted with a hosting provider – so you need to purchase the domain and the hosting.

There are literally hundreds of themes and plugins to choose from (both paid and free). The website also offers installation instructions and setup documents which makes it easier to setup WordPress.

Which one to choose? is the best available option for those who want to create a blog for sharing their thoughts and ideas. It is very easy to setup and manage your blog on and hosting service is provided free of cost. The only notable drawbacks are the limitation of not allowing you to post ads on your blog and non customizable themes which make your blog look very ordinary and similar to thousands of other blogs on the internet.

If your goal is to create a blog for monetary benefit or to create website for your business, then you would first need to purchase a domain name and hosting before proceeding to make use of the WordPress software available on to setup your blog/website. This approach gives you more control over the look of your website as you are free to use any theme you want and customize it as per your requirements.

So the bottom line is is a very powerful tool that can be used to run a full-sized, social media-rich business websites and at the same time is also a great way to start simple blogs related to your hobby or interests.

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